Are You Using Marketing Automation To Its Full Potential?

March 3rd, 2016 - Posted by: in Marketing automation

Automation Makes Life Easier

Robust marketing automation platforms like HubSpotPardot, or Marketo can make a marketer’s life easier by saving time, improving content delivery and personalization, qualifying leads for sales, providing campaign reporting, and more. But as useful as marketing automation is, it is not completely “automatic.” We have found that the vast majority of B2B companies using marketing automation platforms feel they are underutilizing them or not using them correctly.

Research shows that 76 percent of CMOs believe that lead generation could be improved with better implementation of their current marketing automation strategy. Even more alarming, according to Gleanster, about two-thirds of companies that have marketing automation software already integrated are not leveraging the platform’s capability to generate new leads or to nurture existing ones.

More Than Email Marketing

If you are using the terms marketing automation and email marketing synonymously, you are missing out on some powerful marketing capabilities.

As a lead and demand agency with marketing and sales automation services, prospects and clients rely on SmartAcre to implement, manage, or improve campaigns. Throughout these initial conversations and engagements, we’ve come to notice a few common challenge areas:

  1. Implementation help: Basic set-up of HubSpotPardot, or Marketo can be pretty straightforward, but syncing CRMs and using marketing automation platforms to support not only marketing, but the sales process requires, experience, technical expertise and strategy.
  2. Need for accelerated lead and demand generation: This is probably the most common challenge we hear. It takes time to create landing pages, emails, and workflows, or to plan and strategize the development of content and user experiences necessary to manage a successful campaign. The range of skills required to actually setup and execute end-to-end marketing automation campaigns is wide and sometimes under-estimated by in-house teams.
  3. Lead-to-revenue process improvements: Similar to the initial implementation, we have many conversations with businesses who need to fix what was set up incorrectly or needs improving. We’ve helped clients weave their way out of a web of workflows to create a process that not only enables marketing and sales but improves lead-to-revenue tracking and campaign ROI.

Even if you are a marketing automation ninja, there might be a few opportunities you are missing out on that can help you squeeze the most ROI out of your platform.

How Do You Measure Up?

We realize not every platform is the same and each has its own quirks and advantages. So in order to help you get a better understanding of how well you’re using your automation software, we’ve put together scorecards for a few of the platforms we commonly use. These scorecards are designed to help you identify what you are doing well and where you can improve.

So go ahead, impress your CMO by showcasing what you are doing right or by creating a plan to improve your strategy. Alternatively, contact us if you have questions or if you are ready to get more from your marketing automation tool.

hubspot scorecard HubSpot pardot scorecard Pardot marketo scorecard Marketo

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