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Cloud Elements


SmartAcre helped Cloud Elements convert their WordPress blog into HubSpot

Cloud Elements simplifies cloud application integration’s and enables application developers to deliver “Cooperative Apps.” Their clients include startups, SaaS vendors, and departments of enterprises looking to provide their customers with more integrated options at a faster speed, while saving them money. Their team of developers are responding quickly to the ever changing volume of cloud applications that their customers are using, and connecting with those worldwide applications.




Increase in organic to the blog since launch


Subscriber Growth

Increase in blog subscribers the first month


Increase Open Rate

Open rate on daily blog notification emails


Time to Completion

Cloud Elements wanted to launch the blog using HubSpot, without slowing down their current marketing efforts. They contacted SmartAcre so they could complete the project quickly.

Engaging Design

Cloud Elements wanted a visually engaging blog that was organized cleanly to make it easy for visitors to find and read their posts. Another important element was to get first time visitors to subscribe to the blog.


All of the old content from WordPress had be exported and imported it into HubSpot. A new subdomain had to be created in order for HubSpot to host the blog content. That also meant all old content needed to be redirected to its new location to preserve SEO value.

How We Did It

Phase 1- Design

Our design team developed several design mock-ups that allowed Cloud Elements to review and provide feedback on the design. The design featured a blog sign-up form in the at the top of the page to encourage blog subscribers. The post listings were designed to make each post visually standout along with the featured image.

Phase 2- Development

Once the design was approved, our development team built the blog listing and post templates on top of HubSpot framework. This framework makes the site responsive and look great on any device. It also makes it easier to edit future updates since it is built on top of a clean css framework.

Phase 3- Content Migration

SmartAcre went into Cloud Elements WordPress and exported out all of their blog posts. We then imported them into HubSpot along with their post images. Since there are some differences between HubSpot and WordPress, each post had to be reviewed and cleaned of any shortcodes or unsupported css styles to ensure that the posts look great in HubSpot. During this process each post was reviewed and optimized for SEO results.

Phase 4- Launch and Testing

We then added redirects from the old blog site, to the new site, and focused a lot of attention on SEO blogs were easy for people to find when searching for keywords or related topics online.

“We chose to use HubSpot because it is a uniform marketing platform, enabling us to manage all of our marketing efforts, from social media to blogging, using one tool. SmartAcre helped us take advantage of all of the HubSpot features and get our blog up and running quickly and seamlessly. ” – Cloud Elements

Benefits of New Blog

SmartAcre designed their website to run through Hubspot, giving Cloud Elements several important of benefits including:

  • Visitors can now easily subscribe to Cloud Element’s blog from the main header. Giving Cloud Elements the ability to engage and nurture their contacts.
  • Leads generated from blog can be tracked all the way through the sales process as they become customers.
  • Daily emails are automatically sent to subscribers when new posts are published.
  • Different calls-to-action are displayed depending on the visitors life-cycle stage.
  • Blog posts look great and read easily on any device due to the responsive design.


 Automatic Daily Email for New Blog Posts


HubSpot easily enables the option to automatically send emails to subscribers on an instant, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.