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September 21st, 2015 - Posted by: in Online visibility

Periscope App Changes the Live Streaming Game

Unless you’re living in a marketing-free bubble, you’ve probably heard mention of Periscope, the newest live streaming app. Owned by Twitter, the app allows users to live stream events with viewer commenting abilities. While the app is relatively new, some brands such as Red Bull and Adidas have already started implementing effective marketing campaigns through Periscope. As we’ve begun to use the app for our own marketing efforts, we thought we’d share a few tips of the trade.

What is Periscope?

The free app for your smartphone or tablet allows you to live stream from anywhere in the world at any time. Once you download the app you are automatically connected with your twitter account. From there, you can quickly start following others using the app and watching their videos. Different than Google Hangouts or FaceTime, Periscope is designed with an easy-to-use interface to show viewers the world from the videographers eyes.


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Below are 5 ways you can start using the Periscope app for your marketing efforts today:

1. Questions & Answers

With the built-in commenting feature, you can administer Q & A sessions on Periscope. This gives your audience the opportunity to run the show, answering questions they want to know about your brand, company, products, or field of interest. One of our clients, Bethlehem House Gallery, used the app to drive a Q & A during their Summer Show Opening Reception. With all of the artists in attendance, the Bethlehem House Gallery live streamed Q & A interviews with the artists, discussing their inspiration and techniques with viewers.

2. Product Releases

What better way to release a product than by letting your audience interact with it via live stream. Rather than you doing all the talking, the commenting feature in Periscope creates a more organic experience, letting viewers drive the dialogue with questions and comments. Live streaming your product releases can become free market research, and who can pass that up? Viewers can say what they like about the product, what they don’t, and what they’d like to see in the future.

mi-think-and-sync-office-productivity-live-streaming3. Events

Whether your hosting an event or attending one, Periscope can be a great way to let your viewers in on the action. If you’re heading to a conference or large event, live streaming might be a great way to show your audience exactly what you’re experiencing.

With the commenting feature, viewers can write in requesting you to explain certain booths or zoom in on presentations. This creates a dialogue between video and viewer that isn’t available with video-on-demand.

We recently used Periscope for one of our own events, our monthly SmartAcre Think & Sync. By live streaming the event, viewers could ask questions about topics we were discussing as well as get a sneak-peak into our culture.

4. Behind the Scenes

Nothing is more humanizing than seeing a corporation or brand you like showing their personality. People love transparency, and they want to see that your company is just as human as they are. Let your audience know that you put your pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.

As much as our monthly SmartAcre Think & Sync was an event, it was also an opportunity to let our audience know how we think as well as how we play. My own Think & Sync presentation featured an improv game at the end (time marker 7:49 in the video), showing everyone watching on the live stream how silly we can be. It’s a culture I love being a part of, and I know our clients and employees appreciate the humor as well.

5.  Repurpose your videos

vimeo-videos-live-streamingWhen you’ve finished recording your Periscope video, don’t forget to repurpose the content! Once you stop broadcasting, Periscope gives you the option of saving the video to your device. Don’t forget to do this, as the video will be deleted from the Periscope universe 24 hours after recording. The downloaded video on your device can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or wherever else you host your videos. You can even write a blog post or create a landing page giving a brief introduction to what you’re featuring in your video.

Also, don’t forget to socialize! While you’re broadcasting, Periscope will automatically send a tweet out from your twitter account about the live stream, but it’s up to you to follow up with it once the broadcast is over.

Follow us on Periscope and Start Live Streaming Today

If you have a smartphone or tablet, there’s no reason you shouldn’t start live streaming today. We are always posting new Q&A and Behind the Scenes videos on the app. Experience the world through our eyes and post a few of your own videos while you’re at it!

Follow us on Periscope, here’s how:
  1. Download the periscope app to your phone or device
  2. Create your account or link to your twitter
  3. Click on the 3 heads at the top to find the list of people you follow
  4. Click the search icon in the bottom right, search for SmartAcre
  5. Follow us!
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