May #SmartHacks: Inbound Marketing Quick Wins

June 14th, 2017 - Posted by: in SmartHack

In case you missed them, we gathered all of our #SmartHacks from the month of May in one place. We will continue to publish a new #SmartHack every Friday to give you a quick tip that you can use to improve your inbound marketing strategy every week. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so that you never miss a #SmartHack.


“Want to understand how your web visitors are clicking, scrolling and interacting with your website? Use tools like Crazy Egg and Hot Jar to get heat maps and user insights that can help you determine which messages to make prominent on your website.” – Sonya Hansen


“Are you looking to drive more visitors to your blog? Titles really do matter. Take the time to brainstorm impactful headlines that will resonate with your readers. If you are feeling stuck, try using a tool like Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator to get the ideas flowing.” – Kate Rossiter


“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in terms of SEO value, images aren’t worth anything if you aren’t careful. (HOLDS UP PICTURE) While you and I can see that this is a picture of a car, a web crawler sees this (HOLDS UP CODE WITH GENERIC COPY). To get the most SEO value out of images on your site, follow these quick rules:Give your image a descriptive filename packed with target keywords, optimize your image file size with programs like ImageOptim to reduce load speed, include Image Alt Texts that include target keywords.” – Brady Akers

We hope that you can use these quick tips to improve your inbound marketing strategy! If you need help implementing these strategies let’s talk today.

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