SmartAcre Opens Denver Office

May 11th, 2017 - Posted by: in Culture

Hello Denver!

SmartAcre is excited to announce the opening of the third location in Denver, Colorado. The office, located at 2301 Blake Street, will be the home of additional marketing teams dedicated to helping our B2B clients generate demand, nurture leads, and get the most out of their marketing automation investment.

We chose to expand Denver for two main reasons. First, the clients. We continue to bring on clients not only in the Denver area, but across the country in California and throughout the Western U.S. While we truly are an extension of our clients’ marketing teams regardless of where they’re located, there isn’t a substitute for face-to-face workshops, strategy sessions, or just a cup of coffee. Whether in person, or just “in the same time zone,” we need to be there for our clients.

Second is the people! Our clients expect our teams to have bright, thoughtful, and experienced people who have a range of experience with inbound marketing, demand generation, and marketing technology. Through our experience with our great clients in Denver, we’ve been able to get exposure to the booming tech and startup scene and the talented people who work in it. These people are future Denver SmartAcres! They understand, like our talented teams in PA and NYC, that marketing is hard work, expectations for ROI are high, and you have to bring a “GSD attitude” every day.

Meet the Denver SmartAcre team below. They’re sharing their top tips for marketing quick wins that you can start implementing today to level up your marketing plan.

Sonya HansenSonya Hansen, Senior Director, Lead and Demand Generation

“Hire for ability to learn and passion, not tenure or seniority. The best team members for your growing marketing team will have an earnest, natural desire to learn and are proactive about their own growth. They come into the business on fire, speak up often, collaborate well, and want to help others succeed. In a business of any size, it’s easy to find tenured people who settle in for the long haul. But I’d take someone who has 3 years of experience and seeks opportunities to learn and perform their role better over someone who has 10 years of experience and performs average work any day. You can teach skill, passion is innate.”


Mackenzie Jacobson, Account Strategist

“Launching a campaign is just the tip of the iceberg. With multiple campaigns running and numerous different buyers, it’s extremely important to establish goals for each campaign, and monitor the incremental success towards reaching those goals. Consistent analysis will allow you to understand how each campaign impacted buyer behavior and contributed to revenue. Then, use what you learned to inform the direction of your future campaigns.”


 Brady Akers, Campaign Manager

“When you are looking to increase brand awareness, social media is a cost-effective way to get in front of your target audiences and drive them to your website. From quick tips to office updates, social media is a great way to personally connect with your current and potential clients. Each social media network has different strengths and methodologies to achieve the best results, so knowing what your goals are can lead to a streamlined, successful approach to social media.”


Kate RossiterKate Rossiter, Inbound Marketing Associate

“Building a content plan takes time, and content creation can be daunting. Instead of starting from scratch, repurpose what you already have. Got a high performing blog post? Get the author to host a webinar on the topic. Remember that presentation that got used once and then forgotten about? Pull out the key metrics and turn it into an infographic.”

Patrick Germain, Inbound Marketing Associate

“How much do you love landing on a website and not knowing where to go? Google’s crawlers hate it too! Make sure that any 404 errors on your site point to live pages, and if you have duplicate pages, indicate which one the crawlers should pay attention to. Search engine bots and your clients will reward you for improving the structure of your website.”


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