#SmartHack Tip of the Week – Test the Quality of Your Web Assets

September 29th, 2017 - Posted by: in SmartHack

This week’s #SmartHack is brought to you by Web Developer, Jonathan Au.

Testing the quality and functionality of the web pages and emails we are building is very important. Very important! And, who has access to the endless amount of devices and email inboxes that exist today?

I got this iPhone, iPad, 13 inch Macbook – oh my God, who even uses Outlook 2005? We have this iMac with Chrome on it, Windows 7 with IE, we need an Android. Anyone got an Android?

Utilize tools like Litmus and the cross browser testing app to preview your web pages and emails across multiple devices, operating systems, email clients, and internet browsers to ensure consistency, quality, and a solid user experience.

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