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“By the end of 2021, cyberattacks are predicted to cost the world 6 TRILLION dollars and 3.5 million IT security positions are expected to be unfilled. Because of growing cyber threats and a shrinking IT talent pool, many companies are looking to Managed Service Providers to fill a critical cybersecurity gap.

Is your MSP security practice ready for this challenge?

Let’s meet SecPrac, an MSP that is well positioned to grab its share of the 21.5 billion dollar cloud security market. What makes SecPrac so prepared? For one, they only partner with vendors who offer both the technology and partnership benefits that enable MSP success. SecPrac’s full security stack includes best-in-class SAAS vulnerability management solutions from Digital Defense. These solutions are priced, packaged, and designed for MSPs to realize rapid monetization.

Digital Defense’s cloud-native platform, Frontline.Cloud, enables SecPrac to stand up customer instances in as little as two hours! And because it has integrations with leading SIEMS and endpoint protection tools, SecPrac can slide these solutions easily into its customers’ existing workflows. The SecPrac team is able to manage multiple client environments efficiently, thanks to Frontline.Cloud’s multi-tenant architecture and centralized dashboard.

They also know they can easily show proof of value to their customers and maintain recognition using reports and dashboards that are branded with their logo. Using Frontline’s easy-to-understand reporting tools, SecPrac can present both risk exposure and a path for improvement, so customers immediately understand their security posture and the plans to improve it. Through their partnership with Digital Defense, SecPrac is able to provide the technology and service customers depend on, while enjoying a healthy bottom line.

See how partnering with Digital Defense can help MSPs like you thrive in today’s evolving markets. Take the Digital Defense Challenge.”



“For IT teams, vulnerabilities are a constant and continue to increase year over year. There will always be more than one team can tackle. And as networks grow increasingly complex and endpoints expand, the number of projected vulnerabilities will multiply.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to remediate every single one. Some vulnerabilities pose real risk to your unique organization while others don’t and a critical-level vulnerability to one organization might not be critical to another.

By adding risk-based vulnerability management to your technology stack, you can prioritize quality remediation tasks that will make a real security impact. Here are three critical reasons why you need a risk-based vulnerability management solution.

Number 3 – It takes 50-plus days (on average) to remediate a vulnerability. That means you can’t afford to waste time on vulnerabilities that don’t really move the needle.

Number 2 – Patching 990 out of 1,000 vulnerabilities means nothing. Sure, it might sound like a good accomplishment, but attackers only need one vulnerability to hurt your business. Your technology stack needs contextual strategy and direction so you can successfully prioritize what to fix and when.

And the number one reason? Your investment could save you between $3 and $8 million. The average cost of a data breach to companies worldwide is $3.9 million, for the US — upwards of $8 million! The right vulnerability management solution is a critical investment, protecting your business, your employees, and your clients.

Whether you are looking for end-user solutions or partner solutions, you know the importance of efficiency when it comes to successful security operations. See how using risk context in your vulnerability management can help you protect the businesses in your care. Learn more today at”



“Between growing cyber threats and increasing compliance demands, IT Security teams like yours have a lot on their plate.

You need powerful cybersecurity tools that cut through noise, show you what to prioritize, and help you communicate with your stakeholders.

Digital Defense solutions do just that.

For 20 years we’ve delivered leading-edge, patented technology that expertly identifies network vulnerabilities and threats and makes it easier to manage them.

Our Frontline SaaS vulnerability and threat management solutions apply unmatched tracking and correlation so you can get a complete view of all of your assets whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Our exceptional scanning accuracy, and clear, centralized reporting provide you with the essential data and context you need to effectively prioritize remediation tasks.

And because Frontline solutions are lightweight, simple to deploy, and easy to use, you will experience low cost of ownership and rapid time to value.

We also provide premium support and services to ensure maximum return on your investment, — just another reason our customers continuously give us customer satisfaction scores of 90 or better.

Here’s the bottom line. Protecting your network and balancing compliance demands is hard enough. You need an affordable, easy-to-use vulnerability management tool that streamlines the process and empowers your team.

See how Digital Defense can simplify how you protect your vital assets. Visit to start a free trial.”