“Whether you’re in the beginning stages of exploring Vidyard or you’ve been using Vidyard and want to maximize your investment, SmartAcre can help.

Did you know that adding a personalized video to an email can boost click rates up to 300%? It’s true, but Vidyard isn’t just for 1 to 1 emails. We’ll show you how to videofy your entire customer journey from marketing to sales to customer service and access the analytics you need to measure effectiveness and true ROI.

SmartAcre can help you tell people about your products and services through video on a landing page like we’re doing right now. Humanize the sales process by including 1 to 1 personalized video messages to break through the inbox noise. Lastly, support your current customers with simple video tutorials and explanations. You can share over support, chat, and social media.

Learn more about our video services and request a consultation with our team to learn how we can help you align marketing, sales, and service while adding video to your customer journey.”

Beth Kern, Alumni, SmartAcre



“No one likes complicated contracts or confusing pricing. Let’s break it down. We’ve worked with dozens and dozens of clients over the years and have crafted some standard options designed to meet your marketing needs. We have three pricing tiers and one blended hourly rate. Let’s review it.

Premium a 60-hour per month retainer. Standard a 30-hour per month retainer. And advanced, which is customized to fit your specific needs. All options are priced at our blended rate of $165 per hour. With any retainer, you have the option to add a project budget, which we usually recommend to deliver large creative assets. Website redesigns video and other complex integrations. Typical Your marketing operations.

So what do you get?

30 hours gets you a partially dedicated team that knows and understands your account. They are certified in inbound marketing and Google platforms. Our standard services include inbound marketing, account-based marketing, data & analytics, and creative. Plus, you get access to our tools like Basecamp, Crazy Egg, and Moz, which includes monthly reports. In addition, our team can manage your marketing tech stack, including all things Google, paid advertising, and email marketing programs.

For 60 hours, you get access to additional resources to accelerate your marketing goals. Your premium proposal includes everything in standard plus weekly involvement, as well as strategy and planning from our leadership team. This tier also includes marketing, automation, services, and access to our MarTech team, as well as weekly collaborative meetings. Priority on project deliverables, since they often run in parallel with your retainer and access to additional lead and demand generation tools like Lead 411 and

So let’s talk about why.

Have you worked with an agency that gives you a PowerPoint filled with ideas but no action? That is not us. We focus on value and outcomes, which is why we need a minimum amount of time to be able to think and do. Have you worked with an agency that pulls in someone random to work on content or strategy? Again, that is not us. That is why we have a blended hourly rate, so we can give you access to our full team of smart figures. And simply put, if you have a premium package, you could access to more expertise. For more complex tasks like website development or marketing and sales automation. Have you worked with an agency that just doesn’t seem to get what it is that you do? That is not us. That’s why our leadership team is involved with every account and we work hard to train, retain, and to grow our staff so they can truly become an extension of your team.

Hopefully, this made our pricing structure easy and simple to understand. If you have any questions, we’re happy to talk it through. Otherwise, we look forward to working with you. Thanks.”

Lisa Zwikl, CSO, SmartAcre