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HubSpot Expert POV: INBOUND Recap

As a HubSpot Agency Partner, we could not be more excited about the things coming out of the INBOUND 2023 conference. Watch or read our initial thoughts. In this post, we cover:


A CEO and MarTech Director Walk Into INBOUND

Hear from David Snyder, SmartAcre’s CEO, and Oliver Levin, SmartAcre’s MarTech Director, on the common themes coming out of INBOUND 2023. Or, summarized in two words: generative AI.

Yes, AI was the big theme this year as we’ve entered “The Age of Intelligence.” We will discuss more throughout this video series, but two key points for marketing and sales teams:

  1. Embrace AI. Not as a replacement for your job, but as an efficiency enhancer or assistant. Use it to replace repeatable tasks so you can spend more time strategically thinking and focusing on the big picture.
  2. What are we most excited about? ChatbotAI! HubSpot’s chat builder is about to get a lot more powerful.

Check out all of the new product announcements at


Consolidate Your Tech Stack

Even as marketing and sales technology experts, we were blown away by the number of niche technologies available. One of the really encouraging things we learned (and saw in practice) is the ability to integrate via the open API with HubSpot or via a native integration. You can no longer have the attitude that systems don’t sync and to make sure you are investing in the right tools, we recommend auditing your stack at least annually.


What’s New with Sales Hub

What’s new with Sales Hub? Everything. It is basically brand new and taking giant competitive leaps, allowing for enterprise-level sales teams to be able to fully function out of HubSpot.

New key features we love:


Focus on RevOps

RevOps is a massive buzzword in our industry right now. Plain and simple, revenue operations is by far the most difficult and vital challenge that any sales and marketing organization is going to face over the next two years. How do you retain a customer? How do you prevent churn? How do you generate more demand? All of these questions are pieces that fall under the umbrella of RevOps, which is what makes it hard!

Fortunately, this is something that SmartAcre is really good at. Hear more about our thoughts in the next video:


What’s Wrong with Email?

As B2B marketers, will we really say that email is “white noise at this point”? Watch to hear our take on email marketing.

What will the best marketers do based on this takeaway?

  • Use email as one possible tactic, not the only tactic
  • Leverage AI to produce content fast, scaling effort to results
  • Build multi-channel campaigns that can observe patterns and customer needs
  • Make every connection count


Summary and Key INBOUND Takeaways

As a HubSpot Agency Partner, we more than ever appreciate the incredible HubSpot community. Meeting everyone, laughing with everyone, and learning from everyone.


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