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In 2019, SmartAcre® started working with BrainsWay, a provider of advanced solutions for brain disorders using its revolutionary technology, Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS), to provide strategy for and implement a new information architecture, content, and development of The goal was to improve user-experience, technology, and messaging that supports lead generation, engagement, and delivers a more accurate representation of the brand across mobile and desktop.

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The Results.

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Increase in new users

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Increase in web leads

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Decrease in average page load time

The Challenge.

SmartAcre initially began working with BrainsWay to deliver consulting, setup, implementation, and campaign management of Pardot and Salesforce. Throughout the engagement, opportunities were presented to create a new and mobile friendly information architecture for the website and leverage it as a lead generation tool.

The new design of the website would need to be mobile friendly, accurately convey and represent the brand, and draw upon existing functionality.

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Our Approach.

In order to provide an improved user-experience across the whole site, SmartAcre compiled a plan for design, development and roll-out of the website with updated IA. In order to determine how users interact with the website and lay out the foundation for how the website would convey BrainsWay’s brand messaging, SmartAcre carried out an evaluation of the existing website and technology.

Using those findings and with input from key stakeholders from BrainsWay, SmartAcre put together an information architecture document including a sitemap and wireframes containing features and content placement identification and recommendations.

Throughout the creation of the design wireframes, SmartAcre worked with BrainsWay to make sure the updated site used clean architecture, with clear paths to content, conversions, and resources. SmartAcre also prioritized the client’s use of Pardot and Salesforce in the design, and incorporated them in the wireframes.

Once the wireframes were approved, SmartAcre developed creative design comps for the homepage and secondary pages that appropriately conveyed BrainsWay’s brand messaging and product offering in a streamlined way.


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With the completed wireframes and design, SmartAcre’s development team began to program and develop the front-end templates and back-end customization so the BrainsWay team could easily edit and organize content.


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The Results.

Within two months of launching the redesigned website, SmartAcre and BrainsWay saw the following results:

  1. Clear representation of the brand and clear paths to conversion points. Product offerings are clearly communicated in the main navigation menu, and high value conversion points are featured throughout the homepage.
  2. The site was also developed with SEO and Google Search best practices in mind. New Users on the website increased by 16.73% in the month following the website launch.
  3. Improved brand messaging lead to web leads increasing by 32.6% in the month following the relaunch, demonstrating clear paths to conversion.
  4. We also saw a decrease in numerous metrics including average page load time, average domain lookup time, average server connection and response time, and average page download time.


Brainsway website project results data


Using data gathered and a streamlined design with strong brand messaging, SmartAcre was able to provide BrainsWay with an updated IA that accurately reflects BrainsWay’s true capabilities and full range of offerings.

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About BrainsWay

BrainsWay is a global medical technology company with a focus on the development of medical devices that help advance the level of treatment offered to patients. With the advanced flagship technology of Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS), BrainsWay is able to expand the treatment of mental health. Through BrainsWay’s approach of using non-invasive Deep TMS treatments that directly stimulate deeper and broader areas of the brain, significant results have shown when effectively treating conditions such as depression and OCD.