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New Branding and Website Positions Company For Another 20 Years of Success

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In early 2022, SmartAcre partnered with Compass Point on a website redesign project that included new messaging and positioning, marketing and communications strategy, and a revamped website.

SmartAcre provided the strategy, recommendations, design, development, and implementation of an integrated marketing plan to ultimately drive leads and engagement.

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UI Comps, UX Flow

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The Challenge

With their 20th anniversary around the corner, Compass Point, a family business consulting firm, recognized an opportunity to better share the impact their work has on family-owned companies. As their team of consultants grew over the years, so did their services. To continue to achieve their growth goals, Compass Point knew strong messaging and a clear marketing strategy was a key part of engaging with their target audience.

Overarching Goals

The main goal of this project was to make it clear what Compass Point does: how they help family businesses navigate the nuances of having family involved in a business (and vice versa), and create a clear, strategic, sustainable business to hand down to future generations of family. It was important to showcase who Compass Point is: people who truly care about family business, are emotion-focused, solutions-oriented, and deeply invested in their clients.

Through improving the brand messaging, website design, and user experience, we expected to see:

  • Increased organic traffic through improved SEO
  • Higher conversion rates on forms
  • More page view throughout the site, reducing number of page drops from the homepage
  • Reduction of bots in organic traffic

Other Key Objectives

  • Simplify overly complex content
  • Implement marketing funnel nurture process
  • Clear up brand and product confusion
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What We Did

We started with a Discovery phase. During this time, we interviewed stakeholders including Compass Point’s clients, peers, and team to better understand what they do, who they are, and how they are perceived in the industry. Additionally, we analyzed competitors, performed an SEO and content audit, and reviewed existing data for insights to identify areas of opportunity. Bringing these elements together allowed us to develop personas, brand positioning, and messaging that more strategically aligned to Compass Point’s target audience, vision, and goals.

Compass Point Discovery

Our discovery and messaging also revealed a clear concept for the website design. Through both messaging and creative, we decided to depict a strong theme of navigation. Our research showed that many competitors serve their clients more like a “map” – simply following step-by-step directions. Compass Point, however, orients someone to where they are. A compass provides a clear vision to a destination and gives the user the tools they need to navigate their own path to that destination, and that’s what makes Compass Point different. They deliver tools and direction to empower their clients to move forward.

Once the positioning was in place, we moved into the Design and Development phases of the project. This included producing wireframes and design comps to outline the new overarching web design and flow that would ultimately provide a better user experience. Additionally, we created content that matched the new positioning and gave an overall voice to the company. The goal of the website’s content was to better showcase who Compass Point is, what products they offer, and the approach they take to meet each and every client where they are.


Website Process


After the launch of the new website, we went back to the Strategy phase and delivered an integrated marketing plan to promote not just the new website but Compass Point as a whole so they could increase visibility to their desired audiences and attract new leads. The plan included continued website content development, event promotion, a social media strategy and monthly content, and digital strategies including email and paid campaigns. We continue to execute on that plan.

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One of the biggest results of our work is that Compass Point is now fully embracing a lead-to-revenue marketing strategy that includes multiple digital tactics.

Additionally, on the website, when comparing Q1 2022 to Q1 2023, there has been:

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About Compass Point

Compass Point is a family business consulting firm specializing in family-owned companies. They provide hands-on consulting, advisement, and coaching to help businesses close performance gaps; give owners practical, actionable tools that drive growth; develop leaders and position the business for successful ownership transition.