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New Website for Cybersecurity Solutions Provider Drives Lead Gen with HubSpot CMS

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SmartAcre worked with our cybersecurity solutions client, Celerium, to design and build a unified, purpose-driven site for lead generation.

UI/UX Design
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UI Comps, UX Flow

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The Challenge

Celerium, a provider of automated cybersecurity and defense solutions, required a new HubSpot website to better tell the brand’s story and share its solutions. The new site also needed to be visually and functionally modern, as well as easily editable for the Celerium team. Since SmartAcre was working with Dark Cubed at the time when it was acquired by Celerium, the client entrusted SmartAcre to produce a new website that met the following goals and improved overall website metrics and performance.

Goals included:

  1. Better articulation of all solutions: With the recent acquisition of Dark Cubed, Celerium needed to bring Dark Cubed’s cyber defense solutions into the fold with the current offerings and better articulate the full suite of solutions on their website, along with the value they bring to organizations and communities.
  2. Increase engagement and conversions for target audiences: The content and overall user experience needed to be updated to better attract, engage, and convert target audiences from specific industries.
  3. Reduce time and pain points for managing the website: Updating the old website was time-consuming and frustrating for the Celerium team due to its complicated user experience.
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What We Did

We started the project with the discovery phase where we researched the client as well as their competitors. Discovery calls with the client also helped us to better understand their goals and who they are as a company.

Furthermore, we conducted an audit to understand the current state of their HubSpot website. The audit uncovered a large number of pages, posts, and landing pages that needed to be accounted for in addition to the pages included in the new navigation. SmartAcre took the necessary steps to review all pages and identify what pages needed to be kept for the new site, what pages needed to be deleted and redirected, and what pages (landing pages and blogs) needed to be migrated to their rightful location. SmartAcre recommended combining all of the HubSpot blog types into one single blog type, as well as migrating landing pages built as pages to use the appropriate template (a template without navigation).

Through our discovery, we identified these requirements and recommendations:

  • Build the website in HubSpot using drag-and-drop HubSpot templates that utilize both stock HubSpot modules and custom modules built by the SmartAcre team.
  • Incorporate key conversion points, such as a single demo page, a demo CTA button in the navigation, and Calls-to-Action throughout other pages on the site.
  • Combine all blogs and resources into a main resources page to help the user easily find content based on categories.
  • Homepage improvements such as:
    • Refining the value proposition to explain Celerium’s offerings including threat detection solutions and compliance training
    • Including two CTAs directly in the Aspot: one for a demo and the other for the free academy that Celerium provides
    • Adding proof of cybersecurity solutions as either logos or quotes from customers
    • Highlighting the benefits before solutions – potentially elevating video to answer the question, “Why Celerium?”
    • Speaking to industries and aligning both compliance and threat detection solutions below with clear CTAs
  • A more holistic approach to the navigation, which included:
    • Overview pages of all main sections of the website (i.e. Solutions, Who We Help, Training, Partners, Resources, etc.)
    • Utilize full-width navigation to provide a better user experience with more areas to add content and Calls-to-Action

Once Celerium agreed with the recommendations and requirements, SmartAcre moved into the UX and Design phase, creating wireframes and design comps to showcase the user flow, key functionalities, brand’s updated appearance, and accessibility improvements.

Celerium Wireframes

Celerium website designs


The website was designed with a modular mindset making it so the majority of the modules could be used in different scenarios. SmartAcre also took advantage of the drag-and-drop functionality HubSpot provides as we incorporated default HubSpot modules when possible to reduce development time and designed custom modules to improve the user experience and overall look.

Custom graphics and animations were also created for this website to draw attention to key elements.

Once all wireframes and design comps were approved, we developed the new website by building the wrapper and style sheet. We then built the custom modules and laid out templates based on the approved wireframes and design comps. By assembling this site in HubSpot using drag-and-drop templates, we made the site easier to edit.

Next, we built and populated the necessary web pages. To do this in a safe environment, we utilized HubSpot staging to test the pages before publishing the new website.

Once the pages were built, SmartAcre conducted a round of QA and testing to ensure the website functioned correctly, including links and forms.



Celerium now has an updated, visually appealing website with an updated user experience and content that drives conversions. We saw 4 demo conversions come through less than 30 days after launch.

Additionally, our website enhancements have resulted in:

14.5% increase in desktop website speed and performance (per PageSpeed Insights)
69% increase in mobile website speed and performance (per PageSpeed Insights)

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About Celerium

Celerium® powers active cyber defense solutions to help companies in the fight against increasing cyberattacks. With a rich 16-year history of facilitating cyber threat sharing for critical industry sectors and government agencies, Celerium is an established leader in providing innovative cybersecurity solutions, with solution directions based on the evolving needs of the overall industry.

Celerium’s CMMC Academy initiative, launched in early 2020, provides resources to help government contractors navigate the Department of Defense’s cybersecurity compliance programs (CMMC and NIST 800-171).