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AI in Sales Enablement: Meet Salesloft’s Rhythm

Sales enablement administrators are always looking to assist Account Executives (AEs) however they can. Setting up marketing and sales CRMs to enable efficient selling has always been one of our top goals. But there has been a threshold of efficiency that has been difficult to surpass; how do us sales enablement professionals help cue up our AEs to take the best and most effective next step with a prospect?

Salesloft’s new AI-powered engine Rhythm might just be the answer to this question.

AI In Sales Engagement with Salesloft Rhythm

AI to the rescue

Salesloft is launching an AI-powered signal-to-action engine called Rhythm that “will take in and synthesize signals from multiple sources and rank them to produce a prioritized list of actions.” Rhythm looks at all of the activity in an organization’s Salesloft and analyzes it to understand what next steps can lead to more deals, more opportunities, and more meetings.

According to Salesloft, Rhythm uses the power of artificial intelligence – called Conductor AI – to analyze signals from across the Salesloft platform and its partner ecosystem through integrations with Seismic, G2, Vidyard, Docusign, Highspot, and others.

Rhythm then recommends and prioritizes the most important actions in a single, prioritized workflow that is customized to each AE based on what will be the most impactful to them at the time.

Conductor AI is constantly learning what actions drive successful outcomes and re-prioritizes the Rhythm workflow in real-time based on incoming buyer signals. Unlike anything else on the market today, each action item prioritized in the Rhythm workflow also comes with an explanation of why the action is important.

While this may sound complicated, Rhythm is actually acting simply. Rhythm utilizes “Plays” as its main automation engine. A Play is an automation that generates a one-off task in response to an incoming signal. Plays consist of the following:

  • Signal – the incoming event that triggers the Play
  • Action – the Task that will be created as a result of the incoming signal
  • Due Date – When the Task created is due

Sales enablement professionals can program these plays to prompt AEs into taking meaningful actions in real-time.

Why is SmartAcre so excited?

I have seen a variety of sales strategies across hundreds of tech stacks and none have ever had this level of machine learning. Rhythm from Salesloft will be both an asset and a challenge to administrators and here’s how:

  • Sales efficiency will skyrocket! There will be clear patterns that prospects emulate that help define future sales team behavior.
  • An increase in sales efficiency will inherently come with an increased need for raw demand generation. AI in sales could mean that massive lists of prospects are combed through in record time. It will be vital for rev ops teams to understand how best to manage this demand and not let AI overcook the prospect base.
  • Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and Personas will likely get a bunch of new information from the logic gathered by Rhythm. Things like touchpoints, times of day, locations, and titles will all be understood more and more via this tool and marketing will be the benefactor.
  • Your best AEs will shine. Salesloft Rhythm will give them the keys to the castle, all they need to do is seize the moment and buy into the tool. A strong correlation between adoption of Salesloft and sales will emerge resulting in some extremely valuable AEs making their presence known.

If you are interested in automating, enhancing, and accelerating your marketing and sales automation, book a strategy session with our team. We will share insights based on what’s working for our clients and help you determine where your biggest opportunities are.