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“IT professionals like you know communicating with stakeholders and clients about cybersecurity can be challenging. Not everyone has the same level of technological expertise and some concepts are complicated.

There are ways to simplify these conversations so your audience can easily understand where their highest cybersecurity risks lie and what proactive measures need to be taken. Here are three tips:

Tip 1: Lead with the risk

Reiterate why proactive cybersecurity measures are important and what is at risk if you don’t implement them.

Remind clients and stakeholders how essential it is to identify and eliminate cybersecurity weaknesses before they are exploited. After all, by the time a breach is discovered, the damage is done. Customer trust has been lost, compliance fines are imminent, and expensive response plans must be enacted. It’s a heavy price to pay.

Fortunately, that scenario can be avoided. Assure stakeholders that your team has command of the situation with accurate vulnerability and threat assessments, clear progress tracking, and intuitive reporting from Digital Defense’s Frontline Vulnerability Manager.

Tip 2: Find common ground

Discussing cybersecurity risks can be complex and confusing. It’s important to find reporting metrics that speak a language everyone can understand.

Frontline Vulnerability Manager uses a simple and intuitive metric called Security GPA, applying a familiar academic grading system of letters and numeric values. It provides an easy way to communicate cyber security risks and show remediation progress to board members, the C-suite, or your clients.

Tip 3: Use the right report for the right audience

Some stakeholders want to dive into the details while others do not. Frontline Vulnerability Manager provides high-level overview reports as well as tailored, detailed reports, so you can generate the precise data views your audience needs.

Additionally, reports can be white labeled with no watermark, so you can easily personalize as needed.

Digital Defense can help you simplify security conversations to keep them productive and actionable. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions, services, and partnerships. Visit