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“Frontline Vulnerability Manager is more than a scan or assessment. It is a comprehensive program that makes it easy to personalize risk context, identify vulnerabilities that are the highest risk to your organization, and effectively manage their swift remediation. In this video, we will walk you through its key features and functionality.

Frontline VM is delivered by a cloud-native SaaS platform, so it operates seamlessly in any environment, including cloud, on-prem or hybrid. Our API also allows you to effortlessly plug into your existing workflows. Even though it is a powerful tool, Frontline VM is easy to use, providing you with essential risk context and prioritization in a centralized, easily understood format.

The Active View and At-a-Glance dashboards present single-pane-of-glass visibility into critical security posture data and analysis.  A crucial component of this data is Frontline’s Security GPA®. Security GPA provides an instant consumable letter and number rating that summarizes the security health of your overall network. Unlike other solutions, Security GPA considers important context such as host criticality and exploitability to determine which vulnerabilities pose the greatest risk to your unique organization.

Threat landscape is the threat intelligence engine that helps enable this risk context. This feature aggregates daily threat intelligence to assess vulnerability exploitation. It combines this data with crucial information about your network, including asset criticality, to accurately assess and report on your appetite for risk. The Reporting in Frontline VM is the lifeblood for IT Security teams. It is designed to present a thorough picture of your security posture in a user friendly and easily understood format. Users can filter and search for information and instantly produce a report that only shows relevant data. These reporting capabilities can be used to monitor progress and facilitate security conversations with stakeholders across the organization. When assessing your security posture, it helps to compare your scores to similar organizations. Our Frontline Insight Peer Comparison feature generates on-demand reports that provide a visual comparison of your security program with organizations in like industries or of comparable company size. As your team plans and prioritizes remediation, it is essential to have a clear picture of your network assets and how they are connected. Our Network Map feature allows you to view and interact with the interconnectivity of your assets.

Through a variety of clustering algorithms, you can easily pinpoint at-risk network segments and areas of key vulnerability and active threat. Frontline VM and its features are specifically designed to give your organization the data and information it needs to prioritize and manage effective, impactful remediation. And because it is easy to set up and easy to use, your team can begin running comprehensive scans in hours rather than days.

See why so many customers choose Frontline VM to help protect their organization. Visit to get started.”