“Hi, I’m Amy Dewille, and I’m the vice president of marketing with PerformCB. PerformCB is an advertising technology company that helps brands acquire customers and users on a pay-for-results performance model.

What began as a partnership focused on the implementation of Salesforce and Pardot scaled pretty quickly to become a full-service relationship. We have worked with the SmartAcre team on everything from process improvement to developing creative assets to executing some pretty complex campaigns and adding pillar pages and content to our website for SEO purposes, as well as creating gated assets that have become evergreen and continue to be lead magnets for us, even to this day.

The SmartAcre team is full of really sharp B2B marketers. They really dove in and tried to understand our business and in fact, did succeed in understanding our business and learning how our proprietary technology needed to be used in order to get the processes and then the metrics and the ability to make data-driven decisions for future campaigns out of Salesforce and Pardot. Over the years, the SmartAcre team has truly become an extension of our marketing team. We have had a lot of laughs, and I can honestly say that we have not given them a single challenge that they have not been completely ready to tackle.

One campaign that comes to mind when I think about what was the most fun and at the same time also the most challenging is a specific account-based marketing campaign that we executed together. Our goal was to convert clients that worked with one part of our business to cross over and engage in work with another part of our business. It was very challenging because it was also during COVID and we were trying to send gifts, physical gifts, to these folks, not knowing where they were working, whether they were in an office, or whether they were at home. The SmartAcre team was instrumental in helping us figure out how to execute this, and we ended up having about a 25% conversion rate.

I really appreciate the way the SmartAcre team approaches learning our new clients’ business. They didn’t just strive to understand how we market and what our customer journey is like, but they actually wanted to understand our entire cross-functional process. They spent hours talking to our sales teams to understand how they function and what type of leads they were looking for. They spent hours talking to our account growth team, so understand how they retain and reengage customers and then of course, they’ve spent years working with our marketing team, helping us fine-tune our campaigns and our tactics in order to drive more lead generation than the company has ever seen before.

If you’re looking for an agency partner that’s smart, that will learn your business and with whom you can actually have some fun along the way, definitely talk to SmartAcre.”


Ami Dewille, Vice President of Marketing, PerformCB