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Is the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor right for you?

With the new Gutenberg update in WordPress earlier this year, designers, developers and content producers have new tools at their disposal – and new responsibilities.

Watch or listen in as members of SmartAcre’s development team offer insights on how Gutenberg might change the design and development process, as well as some standard best practices that apply whether you’re using Gutenberg or have elected to keep the classic editor using the WordPress plugin.

Just the highlights, please

  • Jump to 1:06 for recommended day-to-day maintenance (spoiler alert – we try to avoid day-to-day tasks and prefer to work smarter by timing the acceptance of updates and upgrades for plugins to align with published WordPress release schedules).
  • Jump to 3:29 for insights on how to mitigate the risk associated with managing plugins, themes, ecommerce platforms, etc. (hint: we try to adhere to the KISS rule wherever possible).
  • Jump to 6:15 to hear a brief recap of what the Gutenberg editor is along with some pros and cons of the new tool and its capabilities.

Best quote: “It’s a powerful tool…If you have a good process in place for how you update your website…you could use a tool like this to really speed up your workflow. But, if you don’t have a process and there isn’t some kind of strict management of the website it could do the polar opposite, which is get real crazy, real quick.”

  • Jump to 9:35 for tips on how to retain the current editor experience if you want to delay your adoption.



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