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New Lead-to-Sales Process and Website Increase Lead Conversion by 45%








SmartAcre worked with BrainsWay to create a thriving marketing-to-sales demand generation engine by leveraging SmartAcre’s marketing and sales automation expertise in Salesforce administration, Account Engagement (Pardot) execution, and WordPress web development.

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The Results.

Conversion Rate


Increase in conversion rate of marketing-generated lead to sales qualified opportunity

New Sales Generated


New sales that were generated from marketing initiatives in 2022

Time on Site


Increase in time on website, more than double our goal of a 3% increase

The Challenge.

BrainsWay, a global medical technology company focused on expanding the treatment of mental health, invested in Salesforce and Pardot but needed technical expertise and strategic guidance to fully leverage both tools in conjunction with one another. Data capture and usage varied from marketing to sales to service, and was not organized in one internal system; some used software, some used spreadsheets, and everything was siloed. To effectively and efficiently connect with contacts, and know where they came from, a uniform system and processes needed to be in place. With SmartAcre holding partnerships with both Salesforce and Pardot, BrainsWay trusted us to leverage our marketing automation expertise to cohesively bring everything together.

Goals included:

  • Create a marketing-to-sales lead funnel
  • Cultivate leads by making the website more demand generation focused
  • Implement sales support and nurture processes that support and develop the marketing funnel
  • Align data values and processes between Salesforce and Account Engagement to ensure a successful sync
  • Clean up Pardot and Salesforce instances with data consolidation and normalization
  • Set up an attribution process to know where leads came from and what sources contributed to overall lead generation and revenue generation
Collage of Brainsway design elements

Our Approach

Our work centered around two different areas – Salesforce/Account Engagement and the website – but complemented each other, as the overarching focus was to implement a strategy that supported growth and tracking.

To begin, we audited Salesforce and Account Engagement to understand what was being tracked, how data was being passed between the two systems, and how the teams used the platforms. We spoke with different teams within BrainsWay about how each department used and understood the Salesforce systems and what challenges they faced leveraging data from the platform to meet business goals. After this discovery, SmartAcre outlined a clear path forward that would allow for records to pass through the funnel and from marketing to sales, and eventually to customer support teams, seamlessly.

From there, we developed an infrastructure around this marketing-to-sales handoff. This included creating and implementing processes such as lead scoring, lead attribution, lead assignment rules, activity tracking, and page layout optimization. We automated the process so that as soon as someone took an action, their score would be updated, their source would be tracked, and they’d be assigned to a rep who would know what activity took place with the proper data leveraged on the record’s page.

In addition to these marketing-to-sales processes, we also set up lead nurturing campaigns targeting a variety of audiences that BrainsWay markets to. We helped strategize, write, and execute these campaigns, and handled the automation setup via engagement studios in Account Engagement. All of this was designed to make it easier for the reps to nurture and engage with prospects and customers and move them through the marketing funnel.

In Salesforce, we set up new reports and dashboards so BrainsWay could see how these new processes performed, and optimized the interface through which the sales team targets leads, manages opportunities, and supports current customers.

We then turned our focus to the BrainsWay website to enhance the user experience and content to drive leads. BrainsWay leveraged SmartAcre’s design and development expertise to redesign key pages of the website. This included a complete overhaul of their Find A Provider functionality, one of the highest trafficked pages on their site. We also audited the content and implemented recommendations for improvements to better target their desired audiences.

The website had few places where a visitor could take action after visiting a page. We identified appropriate pages to implement offers, forms, and other actions. Examples include calls-to-action to Download a Brochure, Register for a Webinar, Contact the Reimbursement Team, and more. In addition to the existing Contact Us form, we created conversion points, such as requesting a consultation with a practice expert, requesting an information kit, and scheduling a meeting with a current customer, helping provide incremental steps for prospects through their buying journey.


As a result of our work, BrainsWay now has a full lead-to-sales process in place that didn’t previously exist. Both providers and patients can easily interact with BrainsWay’s website, with all potential opportunities being evaluated in Account Engagement, legitimate opportunities making it to a rep in Salesforce, and nurturing campaigns helping move prospects through the sales pipeline.

The website changes resulted in:

  • Time on site increased by 7.62%, more than double our goal of a 3% increase
  • Bounce Rate decreased by 19.05%, well above our goal of 2.5%
  • 1,242 form fills in Q1 2023 vs 401 form fills in Q1 2019

The Account Engagement/Salesforce alignment resulted in:

  • 84% reduction in marketing-generated lead follow-up turnaround time
  • 45% increase in conversion rate of marketing-generated lead to sales-qualified opportunity

The percentage of new sales generated from marketing initiatives (including website redesign and optimizations) increased from 42% in 2019 to 58% in 2022.

Smartphones displaying Brainsway webpages
“Working with SmartAcre transformed the way BrainsWay’s marketing, sales, and customer success teams work and gave us a full view of our data, allowing us to better leverage it in our efforts and decision-making. The efficiencies SmartAcre implemented in our processes have allowed us to focus on what really matters – engaging with our prospects and customers and bringing our technology to more patients.” – Ross Mitchell, Director of Product Management