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Campaign Acceleration using Silverpop


SmartAcre® provides lead and demand generation marketing services to IBM Watson. This work includes strategy and consulting, the buildout of digital solutions, and managed campaigns through Silverpop marketing automation.



SmartAcre became an extension of IBM Watson’s lead and demand generation team and provided a width of services including:

  • Strategy, setup, and implementation of SilverPop
  • Daily managed marketing automation campaigns
  • Inbound marketing, lead, and demand generation campaigns
  • Lead scoring, management, and routing
  • Automation, nurturing, and workflows
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Asset creation
  • Campaign analytics and measurement

To start, SmartAcre provided the strategy and expertise to implement Silverpop marketing automation. We worked with departments across IBM Watson to manage the rollout and training. We created a brand new lead scoring model and lead routing process to pass product leads to the digital sales team. As part of this, we also created training documents and follow-up call scripts for sales enablement.

SmartAcre was able to accelerate this entire process, getting Silverpop set up and the first campaign created and launched in less than two weeks.




Once Silverpop was set up, SmartAcre provided ongoing lead and demand generation marketing support. This included content marketing strategies, SEO, SEM, and overall campaign support.

We amplified content through landing pages, emails, and automated workflows, all built and managed in Silverpop. We also created campaign assets such as infographics, social tiles, social content, and blog posts.




We made it easy for IBM Watson’s campaign managers to plan campaigns by providing a landing page and email template library, plug-and-play email copy templates, and a campaign process document to organize all campaign assets and plan lead routing.




SmartAcre now provides daily campaign management, lead and demand generation strategy, and ongoing campaign acceleration to support IBM Watson’s marketing from lead to revenue.



Product Form Conversion Rate: Within first three months of Silverpop implementation


Monthly Leads Passed to Sales: Average from Feb-April 2016


New gated content downloads in first 6 months

  • Reduced campaign set-up and execution down to a 1-day delivery time (compared to a previous turnaround time of 3-4 weeks)
  • Implemented lead alerts, routing, and scoring that were previously non-existent
  • Established lead capture and routing process for IBM Watson
  • The initial goal was to improve the product form conversion rate from 0.17% to 0.5%. Surpassed this goal within the first three months, increasing the conversion rate to 12.8%

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