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In late 2019, SmartAcre® was approached by CoEnterprise to develop updated branding, and redesign their website to better present value propositions to ideal customers. CoEnterprise is an enterprise software and services company that delivers supply chain and business analytics solutions and services that are changing the way companies connect and do business. The goal of engaging with SmartAcre was to increase quality leads that convert to customers.

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The Results.

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The Challenge.

CoEnterprise has several offerings that meet the needs of numerous personas. They needed a better way to structure their website (specifically their navigation) to help personas find the right solution for their needs. CoEnterprise brought SmartAcre on to help with the strategy and implementation of this new navigation and taxonomy restructuring, as well as creation of new branding.

Our Approach.

After an initial project kickoff, SmartAcre conducted research of competitors as well as interviews of internal stakeholders. With this information, SmartAcre developed a website strategy document that compiled findings and provided recommendations. The main goal of discovery was to determine the best user experience and content to resonate with CoEnterprises vast customer base.. Since there were several personas, SmartAcre recommended leading the navigation with Who We Help, and a dropdown in the navigation outlining all audiences. This would help simplify the main navigation, leading to a better user experience. SmartAcre also provided recommended branding updates, as well as new logo comps for consideration.

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Next, SmartAcre developed the information architecture document (IAD) and wireframes of unique page templates. This allowed SmartAcre to work through the visual blueprint of the website to plan the marketing-to-sales process and identify the placement of the navigation as well as specific call to actions. Simultaneously, the CoEnterprise team took the design recommendations and new logo to create an updated style guide for SmartAcre to reference during the design phase of the project.

Once the IAD and wireframes were approved by CoEnterprise, SmartAcre moved into the design phase of the project by laying out the homepage and secondary page design comps. These comps take what was approved in the IAD and wireframes and incorporate the updated branding to provide a static view of what the website will look like.


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After the comps were approved, the SmartAcre development team moved forward with setting up the structure of the website in a staging environment, followed by programming the front-end templates and back-end customization. Shortly after, the account team at SmartAcre was able to begin content population and SEO optimization.


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The Results.

  1. CoEnterprise now presents their offerings based on personas to help users find what they need for their specific use case.
  2. SmartAcre improved the overall performance and speed of the site to load (specifically on mobile) as well as create a visually appealing experience, leading to a better user experience. *Site speed determined by Google’s SiteSpeed Insight tool.
  3. Now that the site presents CoEnterprises offerings based on ideal customer profiles using concise messaging, overall website traffic metrics have drastically increased, including an increase in unique page views, average time on page, and % exit.
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By using best practices and competitive research, SmartAcre was able to help CoEnterprise restructure their website to provide a better user experience, making it easier for leads to find the right solution for their needs.

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About CoEnterprise

Founded in 2010, CoEnterprise has grown to become an award-winning enterprise software and services company headquartered in New York City. Coenterprise delivers supply chain and business analytics solutions and services that are changing the way companies connect and do business. Empowering companies to harness their data, CoEnterprise has a mission to equip people with the resources to analyze their data to make faster, smarter business decisions.