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At the end of 2022, SmartAcre partnered with Enzoic to create a new website. With unique products and solutions designed to prevent account takeover, Enzoic, a leading cybersecurity company, faced an opportunity to better showcase all products and improve the user experience.

SmartAcre provided the strategy, design, development and implementation of the new web experience which was built in the WordPress CMS and integrated HubSpot for lead capture and engagement.

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The Results.


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The Challenge.

Enzoic partnered with SmartAcre to improve organic traffic, conversions, and their customer journey. After analyzing competitors, current site analytics and conversion rates, we aligned on a strategy that focused on highlighting all of the products and solutions that Enzoic offers. We knew we needed to convey this clearly on the homepage and implement clear calls-to-action (CTAs) across the site to get users to a trial.

Overarching Goals

  • Increase overall website users
  • Increase organic users
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Improve time on site
  • Increase average monthly leads generated organic traffic

Other key objectives

  • Fast track time to launch, sticking to a three-month project timeline
  • Build a site that is easy to maintain, creating a way to easily introduce new products to the website in the future
  • Fully optimize the site for mobile and align to ADA-compliance standards
  • Integrate platform free trial experience into HubSpot to reduce the number of steps a user takes to start a trial while capturing important data on what product the user is interested in
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What We Did

Our project had three key phases: Strategy, Design, and Development.

During the Strategy Phase, we analyzed competitors, interviewed the Enzoic team, and gained insight from data. We played this back with strategic recommendations, design ideas, and sitemap recommendations in a website strategy document.

In this phase, we identified critical components of the project to prioritize more time and budget on, including the homepage content and design, the free trial conversion process, and product differentiation.

During the Design Phase, we used Figma to produce wireframes and design comps to outline all steps of the customer journey.

We also produced content for the product pages to better elevate the value and differentiation of each.

This process of creating the wires and then designs allows us to have incremental milestones throughout the project to gain feedback and approval from our clients, allowing us to quickly manage a strategic redesign from start to finish in just 3 months.

In the Development Phase, we developed all pages and the necessary forms and back-end requirements in HubSpot. By working with a partner who understands demand generation and the capabilities of HubSpot, we were able to provide recommendations for additional areas like nurture programs while also changing the free trial experience to better capture data directly into HubSpot.

Before launching, we worked through quality and testing, testing across browsers, ensuring a great mobile experience, and reviewing ADA compliance.

Tablets showing the old Enzoic website and the new Enzoic website


As the website launched at the beginning of 2023, results are still coming in. To date:

  1. 3 of the Top 6 Keywords increased in rank, 2 remain in the same position
  2. Crawler Issues reduced by 90%
  3. Average website page load time decreased 52.53%
  4. Visitors from Organic Search increased 4.89%
  5. Desktop site speed increased from 92% to 97%, Mobile increased from 51% to 79%
  6. Time on website increased 37.14%



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About Enzoic

Enzoic combines the most comprehensive, complete, and actionable threat research data with automated remediation to help you strengthen your security posture.