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At the start of 2020, SmartAcre® began working with Redsson, a provider of solutions that help organizations streamline complicated manual processes and improve efficiencies, to help them consolidate and build their brand, develop marketing strategies for lead and demand generation, and increase revenue.

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The Results.

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The Challenge.

Redsson reached out to SmartAcre in 2019 for help with developing strategies to increase lead and demand generation via tactics such as content marketing, paid campaigns, and other marketing tactics. Along with helping with the overall strategy, SmartAcre assisted in the rollout of a brand-new HubSpot instance that utilized the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs.

While kicking off these initiatives, SmartAcre recommended updated branding and messaging that consolidated Redsson’s solution offerings and would help them stand out from the competition. This new messaging and branding strategy would then need to be applied to their web presence, which was also separated by each solution and didn’t provide concise messaging as to what each solution offered.

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Our Approach.

In order to provide concise messaging and bring all of Redsson’s solutions under one house, SmartAcre developed a plan for the design, development, and launch of a new website.

This plan focused on improving the design, messaging, user experience, and technology (including HubSpot) while presenting a more accurate representation of the brand across mobile and desktop. At the time, all of Redsson’s solutions lived in their own specific domains. By bringing them all under one website, SmartAcre could better run and complete campaigns.

To kick off the project, SmartAcre conducted client interviews, reviewed competitors, and evaluated existing analytics. These findings were accumulated into a website strategy document, which documented requirements and recommendations for the entire project. Simultaneously, SmartAcre began developing updated branding to provide Redsson with a new look and feel that would consolidate all of their solutions.

After reviewing the findings from the website strategy document, as well as branding recommendations, SmartAcre determined how users would interact with the website, including how they would flow between different content on the site, and laid out the foundation for how the website would convey the client’s updated messaging.

Next, SmartAcre needed to visually plan the flow of the website along with the marketing-to-sales process, which was done by creating the information architecture document and wireframes of unique page templates. The purposes of these assets were to:

  • Layout the blueprint of the website and its numerous pages to plan the marketing-to-sales process
  • Identify the placement of the navigation, as well as specific call-to-actions
  • Determine if the updated messaging is being presented appropriately

After the wireframes were laid out and approved by the client, the SmartAcre design team created the design comps of the homepage and secondary pages which incorporated the new branding and messaging while using the UX and information architecture documents as the framework.


tablet showing redsson webpage


After receiving approval on the design comps, the development team began to lay out the structure of the website as well as program the front-end templates and back-end customization.

As development continued, SmartAcre’s account team worked on SEO optimizations and content population including the content for the HubSpot Knowledge Base, which is used for all customer service documentation and FAQs.


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The Results.

  1. Redsson’s solutions are now consolidated under one, unified brand via one web property
  2. While consolidating solutions under one brand and web property, SmartAcre was able to help improve the overall health of the Redsson website according to SEM Rush’s Site Health Score*.
    *The Site Health score is based on the number of errors and warnings found on your site and their uniqueness.
  3. Improved brand messaging on a single site helped increase numerous metrics, including an increase in unique page views, average time on page, and % exit.
  4. The site was also developed with Google in mind. The overall site speed improved from an average speed of 54.5 to 93 (out of 100) according to Google’s PageSpeed Index.
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Using data and best practices to develop a robust strategy, SmartAcre was able to provide Redsson a single web property that reflected concise, updated branding with precise messaging. With a website and new branding at their fingertips, Redsson can focus on attracting new leads and moving them through the funnel.

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About Redsson

Redsson is a B2B software and services company that develops custom solutions to help organizations accelerate and streamline complicated manual processes and improve efficiencies. Since 2001, Redsson has been solving challenging business problems and providing custom solutions including returned mail, FollowUpPro, CompPro and Parachute.