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3 Best HubSpot New Products and Features Released at Inbound15

HubSpot New Products and Features

“Only 8% of companies say that they have a tight alignment between Marketing and Sales.” – Brian Halligan – CEO and Founder at HubSpot

Inbound15 was an exciting conference for many reasons, one of them being the many new products and features HubSpot released. These releases are in conjunction with HubSpot’s vision of consolidating the Marketing and Sales process. This vision is inspired by the 92% of companies that say that they don’t have a tight alignment between Marketing and Sales. While all of the Hubspot new products and features are great inbound marketing and sales tools, there are three that come to mind as being the most effective.

1) Reporting Add-OnNpgLcmyXPAx2yP7fU-ZboK0JJ-agcpWAro0mTamPptI

Imagine a world where you can combine all your marketing and sales reports into one interface. That world is HubSpot’s Reporting Add-on. The Add-On allows you to create multiple dashboards based on the needs of your team.

To many of us, the Reporting Add-On feels like the long-lost missing piece of HubSpot CRM. Now most businesses can replace more expensive enterprise CRMs. Monthly reporting can be completed through this tool and you can group by week or by month.

To learn more about this new exciting tool, watch HubSpot’s Reporting Add-On Walkthrough Video.

2) Predictive Lead ScoringP7NMaC8FxHhftzizVmx9p2-wh_T1zoGpWBZ_qFsm7Us

Predictive Lead Scoring is a customized model for every HubSpot customer that scores leads’ likelihood to convert into customers. The model gets built individually for each HubSpot account and uses the account’s historical data to learn about the attributes and behaviors that lead to customer acquisition. You then get access to a list of positive and negative attributes that contribute to your leads becoming customers. This information will then help you prioritize which leads to pass along to sales as well as which marketing strategies are effective for your business.

Predictive lead scoring is a great way to better determine MQLs. It is also a great tool for lead nurture strategy to drive behaviors, keep on engaging, give them a reason to become an MQL.

To learn more, watch HubSpot’s Predictive Lead Scoring Walkthrough Video.

3) SidekickloEaK9Axca9Y9NW6mPVqn_5qET_t0A580d2kxmk7BZY

Know who opens your emails, when, how many times, and from where. That’s what you can do with the Sidekick tool. Always be in the know and communicate by having data by your side.

Sidekick is a great new tool for your sales team. With sequencing, workflows through gmail, automation and reporting, sales people can follow up campaign up until they receive a reply. Sidekick helps to take some of the manual work out of following up with prospects.


While HubSpot released a lot of new tools and features at Inbound15, the Reporting Add-On, Predictive Lead Scoring, and Sidekick have proven to be the most effective. For more information on all of the features launched, check out HubSpot’s article on the Inbound15 launch.