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4 Reasons to Choose SmartAcre as Your Marketing Agency

With 2018 planning in full swing, ensure that you are set up for demand generation success in the new year. How will you build awareness, get campaigns into market faster, generate leads, prove the value of marketing, and enable sales? You need an IBM approved agency with an agile, innovative approach to enterprise marketing that helps you use Unica more effectively, streamline go-to-market initiatives, and improve lead and conversion rates.

Enter SmartAcre® – a B2B lead and demand generation marketing agency that connects and engages with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. Read on to understand four ways SmartAcre, an approved IBM vendor, can accelerate your marketing efforts.

SmartAcre provides value in week one

SmartAcre currently works alongside the IBM Watson marketing teams to accelerate their efforts in lead generation while defining goals and executing campaign tactics. While we provide everyday support, we also offer strategic direction. In one week of working with us, we deliver recommendations to optimize existing processes and immediate implementation of “quick wins” to set your team up for success.

SmartAcre is already on the approved IBM vendor list, so obtaining approval is a non-issue. Our team of former IBM-ers and marketing experts will immediately begin working alongside you,  bringing deep knowledge of IBM-specific tools, like Unica, and design standards, like NorthStar.

SmartAcre has a proven track record

After years of successful strategic consulting and campaign execution, SmartAcre and the IBM Watson marketing teams have a collaborative relationship built on trust. SmartAcre provides an agile approach to enterprise marketing that helps your team:

  • Develop email campaigns from copy to HTML
  • Create webinar project plans and manage promotion
  • Oversee and implement social campaigns and design social tiles
  • Provide strategic and tactical recommendations for ABM campaigns

SmartAcre gets campaigns into market fast

Partnering with a nimble marketing agency, like SmartAcre, streamlines your strategy and improves your lead-to-sales processes. Your team can rely on our highly-qualified marketers to reduce project turnaround times and ensure every deadline is met.

Spend less time troubleshooting, managing, and executing campaigns — and more time focused on strategic initiatives and the direction of your ever-changing business. As shown below, our agile approach can reduce the time it takes to complete tasks by as much as 32 days.

The image below shows the difference in tactic and campaign delivery times before and after IBM Watson partnered with SmartAcre.

IBM Watson partnered with SmartAcre

Communication between SmartAcre and IBM is a non-issue

SmartAcres provide transparency when setting goals, sharing results, and communicating responsibilities. We connect daily with clients via project management tools, phone, and in-person meetings to ensure we continually make forward progress.

To impact the bottom line at an enterprise like IBM, expanding your marketing team can be the key to your overall success. However, getting headcount is difficult and you can’t always wait for more hires to move forward. Partnering with an approved IBM vendor, like SmartAcre, allows you to accelerate your campaign efforts, and demonstrate to the business that you have what it takes to propel Big Blue forward.

Make sure you have the resources you need to excel in 2018. Contact SmartAcre to discuss your challenges and receive our recommendations for your team today.