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Hear from Alex Diamond, former Head of Marketing at Descartes Labs

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Hear from Alex Diamond, former Head of Marketing at Descartes Labs on his experience working with SmartAcre.

Here’s the full transcript

I’m Alex Diamond, head of marketing at Descartes Labs. Descartes Labs, we are a geospatial intelligence company that helps organizations develop a better understanding of the physical world through the scalable analysis of geospatial data. We have a SaaS platform that we use to build solutions across commodity sourcing and forecasting, resource exploration and climate resilience. And we also support diverse federal government efforts to gather, analyze and provide actionable insights from geospatial data.

The way we’ve worked with SmartAcre is they’ve been an agency partner of ours. The engagement started as a strategy project and evolved fully into a marketing retainer. Some of the challenges SmartAcres has helped us solve is basically being an extension of our marketing team. They’ve come through for us across all aspects of the marketing stack. Marketing automation and HubSpot, lead and demand gen, LinkedIn and Twitter campaigns, Google Analytics and also the management of these campaigns throughout the customer journey. Top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom funnel.

When they really helped us categorize and organize our lead attribution process from the start in HubSpot. This was important for us in an extremely critical step because it set us up for success in running these subsequent demand generation campaigns. By organizing our lead attribution, we were able to properly track and report out against these leads that we had coming in through these paid social campaigns that we set up. We were able to leverage that in these elegantly designed landing pages and social posts and other content that we produced as part of these campaigns.

I’d say the best part about working with SmartAcre is that the team is just on top of everything. We’re always able to rely on them to guide us along with detailed copy and design documents. It’s just been a really great extension and allowed us a lot of leverage in terms of our marketing efforts. Marketing is not something where you can find design, copy editing, content, communications, all of that within just one per person. So SmartAcre is able to bring that full team to the table and really power your organization and give you more capabilities than you had before.