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How to redesign a website in 4 weeks

Sent: June 26, 2023

Be honest with yourself. If you bookmark this post, you’ll probably never read it. Instead, take a break, give yourself 5 minutes, and let’s catch up.

It’s been a while. I wrote my last update in April. I said “no cadence” and I was serious about it. My why behind starting this “newsletter” was to share insights from working with goal-driven B2B clients AND to inspire other marketers/thought-leaders to share their ideas. If I can help a working parent feel seen, well, that’s icing on the cake. It’s been a busy couple of months, but now I have plenty of updates to share.

Are you super busy right now?

You probably started the year with budget cuts. Then it got slashed again. Layoffs scaled back your team. Now, we’re heading into the second half of the year and you are behind on your goals. Surprise, surprise. If this is you, you are not alone. If this isn’t you, rock on! I hope you’re making strategic marketing plays to leverage the dollars you have.

The businesses and marketers we see thriving are making really smart decisions. For example:

  • Using time to talk to sales leaders and customers to improve positioning, update branding, and refresh their website.
  • Getting really clear on the current role of marketing. The more specific the goals are, the more focused you can be.
  • Focusing on quality over quantity. For example, instead of trying to do all of the tactics you were able to do with a large team, create a few solid offers and promote the heck out of them on the strongest channels. Work across marketing and sales to hit those clear revenue goals.

And here’s what not to do:

  • Throw a ton of money into paid. Increasing paid budgets isn’t a way to backfill your team. Without strong offers and a good strategy, you are wasting your money.
  • Ignore what you have in your database. If you neglect the data, contacts, and customers you have there, you are likely missing revenue opportunities.

Dave and I talked about this a bit on the latest Agency Balance episode. What tactics have helped you hit your goals so far this year? Chime in here.

Are you struggling to get buy-in?

If you want to be like one of those businesses who are crushing it by investing in their brand and website, let us help you get buy-in. Book a strategy session and our team will give you four actionable tips to improve your homepage. We will take a look at your copy, calls-to-action, UX, and overall accessibility.

Also, know that progress doesn’t have to take months. I shared this back in my April email, but we’ve been heads down on our SmartAcre website. We completed our first sprint from strategy to live in 4 weeks. That included a new site structure, content, and design. 4 weeks. Check it out and leave us a comment with your feedback!

What is our team geeking out about right now? bobbi-ad

  • Salesloft’s Rhythm: Obviously huge for sellers, but as both marketing and sales technologists, we see opportunities to leverage this AI and the insights to influence a better customer experience.
  • This Bobbie ad: Immediately made it into our inspiration file. It caught our attention as such a witty way to speak to their target audience (Moms). Yes, you can apply B2C tactics to B2B marketing. For example, unpolished notebook notes as a LinkedIn image vs. a perfect design. Which would stand out in your feed?
  • HubSpot Betas: You can now [in public beta] copy and paste workflow steps/actions to a clipboard in HubSpot! Pumped to save time for our clients, especially on initial workflow frameworks for key RevOps needs like attribution. Check out more product updates here.

If you are still reading

Do you have a pump-up song? You know, the one you play before a big pitch, meeting, or critical internal conversation? We have a few favs here.

Happy Monday, let’s go!