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How to set up HubSpot Chat in 7 minutes

Did you know that only 15% of B2B websites have chat enabled? If you are still on the fence about integrating chat into your B2B website, here are a few highlights that will help you decide if chat is right for your business.

While real-time messaging is a relatively new concept for B2B companies, demand for 1:1 messaging between people and businesses isn’t. In an often-cited study of 6,000 global consumers, 90% of people said they’d prefer to use messaging to talk to brands. Still, many B2B brands just haven’t caught up1.

3 chat options for your B2B website

  1. HubSpot Chat
  2. Olark
  3. Liveperson

If you are thinking about integrating HubSpot chat, watch one of our recent webinars below to see how we integrated chat into our website and the results we saw within 2 weeks.

Chat perception

  • I don’t have anyone to moderate and respond.
  • It’s going to take the human element out of the sales process.
  • It’s too hard and will require a lot of training.
  • People won’t use.

Benefits of chat

  • A real-time messaging solution that allows you better reach, engage, and assist your customers or prospects.
  • Provides higher customer satisfaction.
  • Gives consumers the ability to multitask.
  • Establishes a human connection.
  • Could better qualify your leads.
  • Increases lead generation.

Response time for chat

Tips for integrating chat into your B2B website

  • Be ready to respond.
  • Have a chat script.
  • Use a real profile.
  • Customize your chat availability.
  • Don’t forget to set an away messaging during holidays or when you’re away from your desk.
  • Schedule your follow-ups.
  • Configure a workflow to sync to your CRM.

Don’t let the perceptions of chat get in your way of increasing conversion rates, improving customer satisfaction, and closing more deals. If you would like help selecting a chat platform or integrating chat into your website to increase lead generation contact SmartAcre today or, better yet, start chatting in the lower right corner of this page.



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