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Sent: April 3, 2023

I’m starting a newsletter that isn’t a newsletter, but rather a place where I can share real-time ideas designed to support and help B2B businesses and other marketers. And because it is 10000% my life, probably some working parent (read: boss mom) tips.

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A few things filling my brain right now:

Website Redesigns

SmartAcre is celebrating 15 years in business, which felt like a good time to revisit our own website. Dave and I sat down last week to start planning. I love a good strategy, but to some, it can feel so daunting. Don’t let that be a roadblock to making a change. Here are three things you should think about as part of any website strategy:

  1. The why – what are the goals of your website? What’s lacking? What’s working? What is the data telling us? Use your answers to start outlining a site map.
  2. The story – what do our customers say about us? What does our target audience need from us? What value does someone get from using our product/service? Write your homepage value proposition.
  3. The mood – what visually inspires us? What are the key requirements on our wish list? Snag some screenshots and create a mood board.

PS – If you haven’t changed your website in 2+ years, it’s time.

Saving Money to Make Money

Marketing and sales automation is a big piece of revenue operations. In addition to driving predictable rev growth, automation can help you reduce spend. If your data is a mess in MA/CRM tools, you can’t make smart budget decisions. Worse, we see businesses often waste money on unnecessary items in their tech stack or in messy contact databases. If you need a quick gut check on this, book a strategy session. No catch, just good ideas.

If You’re Still Reading

Did you know that only 2.5% of startups have solely female founders? Or that companies founded solely by women receive less than 3% of all venture funding? I’m a huge believer in women supporting women so we can change these stats. Proud to call this #femalefounded company, Artifcts, a client.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but if there is something marketing-related on your mind and you’d like a fresh perspective, book 30 mins on my calendar.