SmartAcre Celebrates 15 Years in Business

The ability to adapt, innovate, and remain hungry is what keeps SmartAcre moving forward. As SmartAcre® marks our 15th year in business in 2023, we’ve experienced plenty of change since our start in 2008. Being able to evolve in the marketing and technology space has allowed us to grow and propel our team and clients forward.

SmartAcre’s History

In 2008, what is now SmartAcre began as metter/advertising. Started by Chuck Metter, the agency focused on digital advertising and marketing.

Old to New Logo

“Metter Advertising was born out of a need to provide small to medium manufacturers with high-quality web properties and full digital marketing support. Our initial success allowed us to quickly expand into many other industries including education, financial, healthcare, logistics, and many more,” said Chuck Metter, founder of metter/advertising. “I am extremely proud of how far the company has come over these past 15 years. It is a testament to the firm’s attention to detail and level of customer service that many of the original clients are still with SmartAcre today.”

Metter Advertising old website screen

Four years in, we expanded our services to include Marketing Automation, paving the way to becoming the MarTech agency we are today. We’ve continued to grow our team and our services as the landscape and technology have changed. That growth is just one of the ways we practice our core value of “Always be Learning.”

By 2014, we were so much more than a digital agency. We rebranded as SmartAcre to showcase our tech-forward focus and collection of smart, passionate marketers. We established key partnerships with platforms like Salesforce, Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesloft, Vidyard, and WP Engine, allowing us to build our expertise in industry-leading technologies.

SmartAcre branding

Today we are a team that puts each other first, cares deeply about what we do, and strives to always carve out time to learn, grow, and prioritize. Explore more about SmartAcre and our agency timeline here.

timeline showing the original metter/advertising logo in 2008 and then agency milestones through 2023 and how we transitioned to SmartAcre

Our Clients – Why We Do What We Do

We’ve been recognized as a back-to-back Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company, a three-time Best Place to Work, and a top-ranked agency by AgencySpotter, Clutch, and HubSpot. But, none of that would’ve been possible if it weren’t for the clients we work with every day.

Our work has impacted over 120 clients across SaaS, technology, education, industrial manufacturing, cybersecurity, and more. We’ve delivered marketing and technology for 25 companies whose goal was to get acquired. We’ve designed, developed, and launched websites, lead generation experiences, CRMs, automations, creative content, and demand generation campaigns, helping our clients improve their customers’ experiences. Our partnerships with clients fuel our team and allow us to make an impact each and every day.

“SmartAcre is one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with. I regularly deal with about 10 vendors and SmartAcre stands out as above the pack in providing quality personnel, attainable objectives and strategies, and being extremely responsive and comprehensive. I’m pleased with their calm manner and let’s solve it now attitude,” said George Fritze, Sr. Sales Operations Analyst, Glooko. “SmartAcre gets it.”

We are proud and grateful to celebrate our 15th year in business. If you’d like to learn more about our team and our agency, connect with us on chat, social, or book a meeting today.

About SmartAcre, Inc.

Our MarTech teams help B2B companies leverage marketing and sales technology to improve the entire customer experience.

Founded in 2008, and currently celebrating 15 years in business, our mission is to create an agency that truly cares about our people and clients. Our “SmartAcres” are located throughout the United States with SaaS, technology, and industrial manufacturing clients. SmartAcre has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company, a Best Place to Work, and a top-ranked agency by AgencySpotter, Clutch, and HubSpot.