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Mastering The Art of Sequences with HubSpot Video

Video is a Sales Gamechanger

In a recent blog post, HubSpot shared that at best, 24% of the emails we send to prospects are opened and that it can take as many as 18 touches to connect with a potential buyer.  So how do you flip the script? Video lets you have both 1:1 conversations and conversations at scale, and makes your communications stand out from the rest. SmartAcre® started using it regularly throughout the entire sales cycle about 18 months ago and, with the help of HubSpot’s increased integration with Vidyard, it’s become progressively easier to make it a regular occurrence in our sales and marketing processes.

Standing out in a crowded inbox can be tough, but adding video to your sales toolkit can be a game-changer.

Have a few minutes?  Watch this webinar hosted by Vidyard as presenters David Snyder, CEO, SmartAcre and Adam Rataj, Sales Manager, HubSpot share action-oriented tips you can use to turbocharge your sales outreach by making your touches more personal, more effective and more engaging.

Sounds great, but who’s got that kind of time? We’ve got you covered. Here are the highlights.

Get Started with Video as a Sales Tool

  • Build a framework.
  • Know your audience. Are they tactical and interested in tips and tricks? Are they C-Suite Execs with limited time?  Tailor your message to resonate best with them.
  • Vary your approach. We’ve already said it will take multiple touches to get your prospects engaged.  So don’t risk having your emails ignored because they all look alike.  Draft a message so it mimics a 1:1 email, including a video thumbnail in others or an animated gif so your video stands out from the pack.
  • Don’t forget to test. We all think we know what’s going to work but sometimes our prospects can surprise us. Be open to pivoting based on results, and use A/B testing to help you determine what is working so you can repeat it – or what isn’t so you can improve it.
  • Personalize the experience. HubSpot makes it easy to include personalization tokens for name, company, or any of a host of other attributes that you can use to make communications happening at scale feel like 1:1 outreach for prospects. But, be careful. Take the time to make sure your data is clean so you can see the benefit that this technique can offer. Implementing without verifying your database is clean is a recipe for disaster.
  • Plan a few moves ahead. Know what action you want your prospects to take when they receive your communications and how you want to respond. Is the lead routed? Do you immediately follow up? Do you have a script for that call? Planning ahead increases the likelihood that your sequence will result in a successful engagement.

Use Video For Sales Enablement

  • Be different. Inject your culture into your videos. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and be genuine.
  • Make sure you have decent sound and lighting.
  • Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. That’s human.
  • Use video for interesting moments. You’re making your message personal, so invest the time to make it even better by choosing key moments to use it, like in response to a newsworthy event or as a timely follow up for new hires or wins.
  • Show the recipient that you’re paying attention to things that are important to them by sharing resources that can add value to their business.

Where Does Video Fit into the Sales Process?

Your sale sequences should include several touches over a few days. Included among them should be social outreach, basic email, and phone calls, but of course, video should be present throughout.

Some key places to consider using video are:

  • Kick your sequence off with a video to introduce yourself.
  • In the middle of the series, return to video to share a piece of content.
  • Conclude the series with a last chance video email.

Helpful Resources

Interested in learning more about Vidyard or how you can incorporate more video into your sales process?  Contact us and we’d be happy to share more advice.