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Leverage Video Marketing for Demand Generation

Are you using video marketing as an asset in your demand generation strategy?

By now, most businesses know that video is a great way to create a human connection with leads and customers and diversify their arsenal of content. But they either don’t know how to begin making their own videos, don’t think they have the budget, or think that releasing the occasional video will stand in place of making the platform a foundational part of their marketing,

Well, those assumptions are all wrong. As video marketing becomes more and more vital at every point of the buyer’s journey, it’s also become easier for every business to jump into the field and get started.

This March, SmartAcre® helped to host a Denver HubSpot User Group all about video marketing and how HubSpot is making it easier for their customers to get started. Vidyard’s Co-Founders, Michael Litt, CEO, and Devon Galloway, CTO, and Nora Edmonds, a Senior Customer Growth Specialist at HubSpot. The trio went in depth on using video content as a marketing tactic, covering the recent release of the HubSpot Video product, how to use it, and most importantly: why you should be using it in the first place.

HubSpot and Vidyard partnered together to bring HubSpot Video to the marketing automation platform, so it was fitting that the two also worked in tandem to present that night. Michael and Devon sandwiched their presentation around Nora’s demonstration of HubSpot video. Keep reading below to recap the presentations and, of course, to watch them in full.

Michael Litt, CEO and Co-Founder, Vidyard

Vidyard’s CEO, Michael Litt, started the night off by getting right to the heart of the matter: telling attendees why they need to leverage video as a marketing tactic. It’s already clear that video content is becoming more and more foundational to the sales and marketing process. 90% of consumers recently surveyed said that video was important to them in making a purchasing decision. Video can be used at all points in the buyer’s journey, from explaining your product to potential customers, to demonstrating uses to current customers, and to problem-solving to help reduce support costs. Basically, if you’re not doing video marketing, what are you waiting for?

Michael also mentioned that Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder of HubSpot, had remarked during an Inbound presentation in 2016 that businesses should start focusing their efforts more on video. In his words, Halligan told listeners to “stop hiring bloggers, and start hiring producers”. When Brian made these remarks, HubSpot did not have built-in video marketing capability. So, HubSpot Video essentially came about as a product of the company practicing what they preach and partnering with Vidyard to provide in-app video capabilities to HubSpot customers.

Watch Michael’s full presentation below to discover why video marketing is so successful when connecting with potential and current customers:

Denver HUG - Grow with HubSpot - Michael Litt

Nora Edmonds, Senior Customer Growth Specialist at HubSpot

Following Michael’s presentation on the ‘why’ of video marketing, Nora jumped into the ‘how’. She walked us through the HubSpot Video product — available today for all Pro and Enterprise HubSpot customers, in HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs.

Now you can easily create a human connection in emails with HubSpot Video enabled messages. Doing so also allows your message to stand out amongst the sea of those sent in plain text. And the area where Nora said that video is most overlooked as a tactic? In sales. Discover why by watching her full presentation.

Nora also gave audience members some helpful tips on how to successfully film video that works for your company. A lot of those tips focused on simplification: you don’t have to go overboard trying to make the next great Super Bowl commercial. As long as the video is authentic to your company and your product, consumers will respond. Basically—don’t shy away from jumping into the video marketing pool because your company doesn’t have a full in-house A/V team.

Watch Nora’s presentation and deep dive into the HubSpot Video product below:

Denver HUG - The

Devon Galloway, CTO and Co-Founder, Vidyard

After Nora’s product focused presentation, Devon Galloway, CTO of Vidyard, encouraged the audience to look into the future of HubSpot Video, and consider what comes next for making video content a successful part of any marketing strategy. He noted the importance of ensuring that every video you upload currently is captioned and indexed for search engines (and also for accessibility), and that while YouTube is a important place to upload video, it should not be your primary hosting source. After all, YouTube is interested in keeping people on their own site, not yours. Making branded video that lives on your site and in your emails with a tool like HubSpot Video makes it easier to ensure your customers aren’t getting lost down the all too familiar black hole of YouTube suggested videos.

Devon mentioned additional video features that could be incorporated in the future, including more sophisticated video CTA technology, the ability to pull up a meetings calendar once a video has finished, or ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ videos that allow customers to self-select videos containing the information they care most about.

Watch below to see Devon’s full presentation on new HubSpot Video products to learn what your company can do with video in the future.

Denver HUG - HubSpot Video & Vidyard - Devon Galloway

Wrap Up

If you’ve always dreamed of adding video marketing to your arsenal of lead generation tactics, but don’t know where to start, get in touch with SmartAcre. We can help you build a roadmap to video success that suits your business, your budget, and your marketing tools. Got a quick question about how you can start better leveraging video? Sound off in the comments below!

Are you in the Denver area and interested in staying up to date with the latest HubSpot updates and tips? Start attending the Denver HubSpot User Group! SmartAcre helps to host the quarterly meetups, which bring together marketing and sales professionals from across to city to share inbound expertise and collaborate.