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Dark Cubed | HubSpot Pop-Up Form

Increase Conversions with a HubSpot Pop-Up Form


SmartAcre® implemented a series of website pop-ups and slide-ins highlighting clear calls-to-action to support lead generation and engagement for potential customers throughout the website.

The Results.

Form Views


views in the first 6 months across the website with an offer to engage in seconds

Conversion Rate


of form viewers converted to become sales opportunities



Marketing Qualified Leads generated on average each month, stacking their funnel and sales team with potential customers

“I’d only been working with SmartAcre for a short time when they recommended pop-up offers on high-traffic pages of our website. Handling all the details, they deployed the new pop-ups quickly and we immediately began to see a sharp increase in our web visitor conversions to MQLs. It’s just one example of SmartAcre’s commitment to tangible marketing success that ultimately drives revenue. If you’re looking for fluff and happy marketing talk, SmartAcre is probably not for you. If you’re looking for results that drive business, give them a call.” 

– Jeff Hill, Chief Marketing Officer at Dark Cubed 

The Challenge

Built with small businesses in mind, Dark Cubed is on a mission to deliver cyber security resources to companies that might not have the resources for cyber security teams and expensive systems. Like most startups, the sales team at Dark Cubed needed a steady stream of net-new qualified leads and a simple pursuit plan for these leads once they were acquired. There were two key items that pointed to this solution. First, organic and direct traffic to the website were healthy. Second, additional website metrics were showing an opportunity to capture attention faster. 

The list of challenges and goals to meet included:

  • Fill the sales pipeline quickly, with qualified hand-raisers. 
  • Develop messaging that provides a clear call-to-action and converts net-new leads to sales-ready conversations. 
  • Highlight key attributes of Dark Cubed’s cyber security solution in 100 words or less.
  • Strategically show or hide the offer on a page-by-page basis without requiring plug-ins, custom development, or impacting the website and Content Management System.

How we did it

SmartAcre loves providing clients with quick wins designed to help them maximize their investments in technology. Our understanding of Dark Cubed’s unique value proposition – affordable pricing, and effective automated firewall threat detection and blocking – and their target audience of no-nonsense, busy MSPs, gave us the idea that a ‘less-is-more’ approach with quick and easy implementation would deliver desired results.

At the heart of our strategy was a plan to use HubSpot’s pop-up forms to promote a CTA to drive leads and convey Dark Cubed’s no strings attached offer – no hassles, no obligations, no gimmicks. Just straightforward pricing information. 

Combining this data, we developed a pop-up campaign that delivered on all of the expectations.

Discovery and Evaluation 

Through persona research, we know MSPs seeking cyber security solutions for their small business clients are smart, skeptical, and, frankly, do not want to talk to a salesperson. They are also looking for solutions that are quick to stand up, useful, and easy to manage.

SmartAcre also used website analytics data to identify the most visited and top converting pages on the website to determine which pages were and were not currently delivering net new leads.

Content Creation and Design  

Content for the pop-up presented a unique opportunity to create relatable, engaging messaging that clearly spoke to customer concerns and was clear, concise, and direct.

The pop-up further delivers on the direct messaging by requiring just a single data point from the lead – an email address – to complete their request for pricing details. As marketers, we know it’s critical to match your ask to your offer, so we asked the minimum we could in order to deliver on our promise of making this transaction hassle-free.

The pop-up is set to display to desktop visitors on exit intent or after they’ve stayed on a page for more than 10 seconds and to refrain from redisplaying for 3 days if a user dismisses the form. Because the pop-up appears on many pages on the site, the overall design matches their brand aesthetic, but features contrasting brand colors compared to the website background where it would appear.


Once content and design was approved by the client, SmartAcre pushed the Request Pricing pop-up live sitewide. Almost immediately, the pop-up began performing and delivering leads and met with immediate initial praise from the client:

About Dark Cubed

Dark Cubed, delivers top-notch cybersecurity support to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their SMB clients. Built from the bottom up for SMBs, the Dark Cubed SaaS solution augments existing firewalls to provide automated threat detection, scoring, and blocking at a fraction of the cost and complexity of conventional cybersecurity products. They partner with MSPs and service providers to secure their customer bases, increase their revenue, and capture new customers.