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Lead Generation in 30-60-90 Days


Working with an agency to fuel your lead and demand generation funnel should result in immediate and measurable return.

SmartAcre® incorporates the right mix of strategy and implementation to generate results for our clients within the first thirty days of working together. Here is an example of how SmartAcre helped an accounts payable automation solution increase their lead volume and create sales opportunities during the first 30-60-90 days of the engagement.

The Results.


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Digital leads by 115%
MQLs by 287%
SQLs by 90%
Marketing monthly contribution to pipeline by 96%


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Digital leads by another 21%
MQLs by another 9%
SQLs by 30%
Marketing monthly contribution to pipeline by an additional 24%


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Digital leads by another 21%
MQLs by another 5.8%
SQLs by 50%
Marketing monthly contribution to pipeline by an additional 57%

The Challenge:

In February 2017, SmartAcre partnered with a niche accounts payable automation company to streamline and accelerate their lead and demand generation efforts. Historically, the organization faced challenges in incorporating strategy and implementation in order to generate leads and nurture them to MQLs. With lofty lead, MQL, SQL and opportunity goals in mind, this organization needed SmartAcre to add bandwidth and build an inbound marketing framework utilizing marketing automation, paid advertising, and content marketing among other tactics to increase online visibility and convert website visitors to opportunities.

How we did it:

To immediately do more with HubSpot and utilize the existing lead database, SmartAcre launched a re-engagement campaign in March. The goal of the nurture program was to drive existing leads (excluding customers and opportunities) to re-engage with the client by viewing a piece of content. This allowed us to understand the quality of the database, remove contacts who were no longer active, and “shake up” anyone who might still be interested in making a purchase. We expected the click-through rates to be fairly low, given the prospects we were emailing, but both the click-rate and open-rates exceed our initial goal.

Nexus results

The overall workflow moved 42 contacts further down the sales funnel. Most importantly, the client received one direct response, asking for an immediate proposal for a large opportunity.

Other lead and demand gen tactics SmartAcre provided include:

  • Content marketing through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook increased social referrals by 43% percent within first 30 days.
  • On-page SEO updates, such as changing the homepage title tag, improved search traffic by 27% in first 30 days.
  • Consulted and managed paid ad campaigns on LinkedIn, AdWords, Capterra and Software advice to reduce the average total cost per conversion by 58% within 90 days.

The Technology

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords