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SmartAcre worked with long-time client, EIC Solutions, to improve the overall website purchasing experience by updating the user experience. Changes focused on better organizing products, simplifying the RFQ process by utilizing CMS and marketing automation tools, making search functionality more prevalent and easier to access, and providing a modern look and feel. The update also coincided with a transition to HubSpot for all marketing, sales, and quoting activities.

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The Challenge

EIC Solutions, a leading global provider of electronic protection solutions, has worked with SmartAcre over the years on several marketing and sales technology initiatives to improve the customer journey. After an initial design sprint of the homepage, both parties agreed to improve EIC’s web presence, along with the overall online shopping and RFQ experience.

Goals included:

  1. Update the overall look and feel of the website to modernize the brand and improve user experience – better-depicting core values and culture
  2. Improve the shopping experience by making changes to reduce the number of clicks required for users to find products, including the addition of search on the homepage
  3. Simplify the front-end RFQ process by reducing the number of forms to one.
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What We Did


We started the project discovery phase with research and internal strategy conversations to identify key requirements for the website redesign to meet the previously stated goals.

Upon completing these conversations, we identified the requirements and recommendations:

  • Improve the homepage by adjusting key elements such as adding relevant pop-ups to drive sales leads, incorporating search functionality to be more front and center, and elevating video
  • Shorten the RFQ process, giving the user the option to add multiple products vs add-ons to optimize for conversions
  • Use one RFQ form for all products instead of one form per product, making the process of adding new products or adjusting current products more efficient
  • Expand the previous Resources functionality by incorporating different content types into the filtering options to help users find educational content and improve online visibility of assets


During the user experience and design phase, we laid out wireframe and design comps to showcase the user flow, key functionalities, and the updated appearance of the brand. We achieved this by gaining insights into the audience during the discovery phase and then aligning our approach with best practices from prior projects and industry standards. This phase allowed us to visualize these elements and plan accordingly before going into the development phase.

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Once all wireframes and design comps were approved, we proceeded to develop the new site in a staging environment, which included an updated style sheet, product and page templates, and the pages themselves.

We also greatly consolidated the number of RFQ forms, from dozens to just two, on their website using a 1:many approach that leveraged a form that was dynamically populated with parameters passed from the HubSpot API to personalize the form and landing page experience.

The final steps included multiple rounds of QA and testing to confirm the user experience worked across different browsers and devices. We also tested the new RFQ functionality to make sure the appropriate data made its way from the RFQ page in WordPress to the contact record in HubSpot.

After launch, we submitted the website to Google Search Console to initiate a site crawl and update the SERPs. We then searched the site using Google to find any remaining pages that required redirects.

A critical step in any website build is to ensure that in addition to creating a great visitor experience, we also make sure that the information collected from site visitors is made actionable. During this project, we reviewed our existing marketing automation processes to ensure we maintained continuity and nothing broke as we migrated from the current site to the new one. During that review, we saw an opportunity to optimize this lead flow process by rearchitecting the sales follow-up process replacing generic autoresponders with a robust sales enablement schema that manages lead routing, sales team notifications, and a clear sequence of touches to simultaneously focuses on a great customer experience and helps EIC reach their business and sales goals.



EIC Solutions now has a modern web presence with an improved user experience, making it easier for customers to find what they want and request a quote.

Additionally, our website enhancements have resulted in:

  • 23% decrease in bounce rate
  • 43.5% increase in average engagement time per session
  • 98 performance score via PageSpeed Insights
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About EIC Solutions

EIC Solutions is a leading global provider of electronic protection solutions, specifically focusing on thermal management. Specializing in the design and manufacture of thermoelectric cooling systems, EIC’s engineers create products to meet the unique needs of specific projects, providing standard and custom solutions for a wide range of industrial, commercial, military, and defense applications.