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3 Remarketing Audiences You Should Use Today

You want to generate new leads, but your budget is limited. The tactic most businesses turn to is remarketing campaigns. While remarketing campaigns are one of the most cost effective ways for marketers to raise brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate new leads, getting started can seem like the hardest part. But, fear not, after running remarketing campaigns for more than 20 clients, we’ve put together three audience recommendations to set your remarketing campaigns up for success.

1. Behavior Based Audience

One of the first campaigns I like to stand up for clients is a behavioral based campaign – one that targets traffic who visited our site but didn’t fill out a form. You can do this without knowing anything about a company. All that’s required is a standard audience template including users who have two or more sessions OR who have viewed three or more pages. I then exclude any users who hit a thank you pages OR clicked through to the login page.

Leveraging this audience allows you to serve content offers to anonymous people who have visited your site multiple times or navigated around intentionally and haven’t taken the plunge.

2. Topic Based Audience

remarketing audience

We often work with clients that have hefty pieces of content that they have invested a substantial amount of time and money into. As a result, they want their marketing efforts to support those assets.

Let’s pretend we are setting up a campaign for Big Bob’s Balloons. Bob spent four months building an eBook: Everything to Know About Hot Air Balloons. In order to help promote Bob’s eBook, I would build an audience that included all traffic to any of his blog pages or resource pages that include Hot Air Balloons in the title. Then I would exclude anyone who visits the eBook’s thank you page. This way, I can target audience members who have expressed interest in hot air balloons but have not yet downloaded Bob’s eBook.

Targeting your audience with an offering related to a topic they have already expressed interest in is a great way to drive online engagement.

3. Content Series Based Audience

What if, instead of building one eBook, Bob builds three whitepapers: Hot Air Balloon Fast Facts, The Best Hot Air Balloons, and finally How To Pick A Hot Air Balloon. Knowing there are multiple, related pieces of content to leverage, I would set up two audiences – one that takes people who hit the thank you page for the first whitepaper and sends them to the gated landing page for the second whitepaper, and another that points people from the second whitepaper to the third.

Once again, it’s important to ensure you are excluding people who land on the target asset’s thank you page. If you are advertising The Best Hot Air Balloons to people who have already downloaded it, you are wasting your time and money, and you risk annoying your leads.


Utilizing these three remarketing audiences can help you generate new leads, re-engage current contacts, and further qualify more leads for sales. Best of all, by using remarketing audiences, you will be generating new leads in one of the most cost effective manners possible!

If you are trying to bolster your lead and demand generation activities and need some help, let us know! At SmartAcre®, we are a demand generation marketing agency helping your business connect and engage with people throughout the buyer’s journey.