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5 Key Marketo Product Features To Make You A Marketing Superstar

By now you already know the basic features that marketing automation will get you—forms, lead collection and email sends. But, you want to use that platform to take your marketing strategy even further. Every lead that comes to your website is unique, so why shouldn’t you engage with them differently? That’s why it’s crucial to understand how Marketo’s product features can be leveraged to grow your marketing funnel. With Marketo, you can personalize each step of the buyer’s journey and target leads with the perfect content. They won’t be able to resist your offers! So what are the Marketo features you need to know about to truly become a marketing automation superstar? Keep on reading to find out!

1. Insight Into Anonymous Leads

Just because a lead doesn’t fill out a form on your website doesn’t mean you won’t know they were there. Marketo’s ability to track anonymous leads on your website allows your team to paint the broadest picture possible of all your website visitors. Marketo tools use predictive learning to determine a number of vital stats about each lead. Instead of the usual metrics about page visits, session times and bounce rates, you’ll be able to do a deep dive into the actual demographics of your visitors. The software can determine a lead’s geographical area, what keywords they searched to find your pages, and can even predict company name location if they are accessing from their company internet. You’ll be able to match campaign efforts with measurable results. For example, if you are targeting a specific area or industry in a paid campaign, you can measure whether that campaign improved click-throughs and conversions for that area.

2. Target Content Where It Will Matter

Marketo’s targeting functions allow you to individualize every single visitor’s journey.

You can designate buckets of related characteristics (keywords searched, page of entry, forms filled out, etc.) for separate target verticals, and then optimize the experience for that lead identity. For example, if your lead’s industry is related to manufacturing, you can design a pop-up offering your latest manufacturing e-book. If they are in distribution, you can direct them to a more suitable resource. By targeting leads with the content that you know matters to them, they’ll be more likely to fill out forms for those offers. You’ll bump up conversion rates and significantly increase the size of your funnel thanks to Marketo’s unique marketing automation tools.

3. Lead Nurturing

You now know that Marketo allows you to segment your leads by your marketing personas, target industries, or the way they interact with your website. Depending on the triggers you set up you can filter those leads into engagement streams—or drip campaigns—targeted exactly towards their needs and designed to keep your business top of mind. But that’s not all you can do with Marketo’s engagement streams. It’s easy to set transition triggers between streams, so your leads will always be in the right part of the funnel at the right time. For example, once a lead has been successfully turned into a client, you can automatically set them to transition into a drip campaign designed to give them tips, company updates, or upsell them on products they’ve already bought.

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4. Empower Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is quickly becoming an invaluable tool in any marketing pro’s arsenal, particularly those in the B2B world targeting high-value contracts. Research conducted by the Altera Group found that 97% of survey respondents said ABM earned higher ROI than their other marketing initiatives. Tap into this source of ROI with Marketo’s Account Based Marketing feature. Name target accounts and the target roles within the company you want to reach. Say your ideal buyer persona is a CIO for a banking firm in North America. Marketo product features include ABM tools that let you a build a smart list describing this persona, optimize your website experience for those leads, and engage them across channels, including email, web, ads, events, social and mobile. The targeted content and personalized experience will make that CIO much more likely to convert to a high-value sale.

5. SEO Tools

Starting a marketing strategy without defined SEO tactics is like jumping into a boxing ring without your gloves. Keyword best practice is essential to getting eyes onto your exceptional content. That’s why Marketo comes with its own innovative SEO tools. Import a list of your most coveted keywords, and Marketo does the hard work. You’ll get insight into key SEO metrics like the level of competition for keywords, landing pages that those keywords are ranked the highest for, your current SERP rank and the trend of your SERP over time.  You can even get a list of suggested keywords for a specific page based on related target keywords or the page’s URL. Why switch between your current marketing tools for SEO insight when it can all be in one place?

That’s just a few of the key Marketo product features that any savvy marketing professional needs to know about. From unprecedented personalization, Account Based Marketing tools and SEO insight, Marketo can help your team take the next step in driving meaningful conversions.

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