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Account Based Marketing (ABM): It’s Just Good Marketing

Account based marketing is just good marketing. Isn’t it?

For a couple years now, B2B marketers can’t resist talking about the “new” ABM approach to demand generation. But, I’ve had a hard time finding any professionals who truly believe account based marketing is actually new. Is it? I would argue no. and I don’t think anyone would be surprised by that answer.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, or just aren’t up to speed on all the hottest new marketing trends, you can start here with Marketo’s simple definition Account Based Marketing.

We recently had a few of our SmartAcres attend the Demandbase ABM Summit in San Francisco to learn and gain certifications. They too struggled to find an answer among fellow conference attendees as to what the account based marketing hype is all about. “It’s just good marketing (JGM),” was the consensus.

There is no arguing that knowing the companies you want to market and sell to just makes sense. It’s JGM. However, there are a number of “new” marketing and sales tools and technologies that give a whole new meaning, and new possibilities, to an account based marketing strategy.

Platforms like Terminus and Demandbase make it easier to deliver personalized messaging on ad networks by marrying advertising with data for millions of B2B professionals. Meanwhile, Engagio is delivering business intelligence (BI) with account focused tracking and analytics for campaigns. And, platforms like Infer and Marketo are providing predictive analytics and segmentation to identify the most valuable accounts. DiscoverOrg even provides sales intelligence for B2B extensive data sources. The list of new technologies in the game goes on.

The depth of insights available, combined with the ability to scale ABM programs by adopting the right technologies is like nothing marketing and sales has ever had. And that is new.

According to Terminus founder and CEO Sangram Vajre, “Account based marketing is insight led, technology enabled and, above all, customer focused.” Terminus suggests that 97% of marketers say ABM has higher revenue than other marketing activities, but less than 20% have implemented ABM strategies. SmartAcre® is absolutely seeing these numbers hold true. More and more clients are coming to us with an interest in ABM, but are still looking for a solid strategy and jumping off point.

There’s a lot of work and knowledge needed for companies to adopt and implement account based strategies for B2B lead and demand generation. ABM is a smart way to align marketing, sales, technology, data insights, and messaging with the right customers.

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