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Account Based Marketing — More Than Just A Buzzword

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nodding along

In all seriousness, the ABM acronym gets thrown around a lot in modern marketing circles, but do you actually know the true benefits… or are you just nodding along?

In a survey by Terminus, 97% of marketers agree that account based marketing yields higher revenues than other marketing efforts, yet fewer than 20% of organizations have actually implemented an ABM strategy.

So what is ABM? Why is it making a splash today, and how can companies understand, embrace, and strategically unleash its potential? It’s time to stop wondering and start getting your feet wet.


ABM Playbook

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for a comprehensive look at how ABM works, how it’s implemented, and how it can move your organization closer to its objectives.


Additionally, learn specific insights into how a well-executed ABM strategy successfully drives more qualified lead, aligns sales and marketing goals and—as result— increases conversions.

If you’re pressed for solid reading time, but excited to learn more about ABM, check out our recent post, 6 Clear Benefits of Account Based Marketing to quickly understand how an account based strategy adds value to your inbound marketing goals.