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Drift Video vs. Vidyard GoVideo: What You Need to Know

The one-to-one video scene just welcomed a new player to the game. Recently at HyperGrowth London, Drift announced the addition of a new product to their suite that has had the marketing and sales worlds talking; Drift Video.

Marketing Land reports that some brands have seen upwards of eight times improvement on click-through rates with personalized video versus standard outbound email campaigns. Read that one more time. If this doesn’t make you want to hop on the one-to-one video bandwagon, then I don’t know what will.

There are a few great one-to-one personalized video platforms out there, but we chose a SmartAcre® favorite, Vidyard GoVideo, to run a quick comparison against the new guy, Drift Video.

Drift Video Free vs. Vidyard GoVideo Free

Video Creation Integrations Live Chat
Drift Video 10 standard definition quality videos per month None available yet, but you can share via copy and pasting a provided link or downloading your video Free chat integration on the video-sharing page
Vidyard GoVideo Free Unlimited HD quality videos HubSpot, Outreach, Salesloft, Gmail, Outlook, Drift Conversations, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more Supported in GoVideo Pro only. Embed a Drift chat widget on the sharing page and chat with viewers in real-time

Drift Video Paid vs. Vidyard GoVideo Paid

Analytics Sharing Page Customizations Security
Drift Video See view counts and page visits Limited ability to create video CTAs or customize branded video sharing pages. No integrations available at the moment Control exactly who sees your videos via email address. Everyone else will have to request permission to view the video – just like a Google doc
Vidyard GoVideo Count view counts and page visits Full customization of sharing pages & CTAs to embed calendars, live chats (including Drift) and more Video sharing and security controls include access codes, scheduled videos, whitelisting IP ranges, and secure platforms whitelists

The Winner? Vidyard GoVideo

It’s still early in the game to tell what features Drift Video will begin to build upon more, and we’re excited to follow the progression. But for now, we have to say Vidyard GoVideo takes the cake – even if you already have Drift’s chat in your tech stack.

The functionality and features provided by GoVideo allow you to integrate to your existing tech stack (including Drift) and personalize the entire customer journey – from marketing to sales, and through to customer service.

We asked Vidyard Partner Account Manager, Ravi Persaud, to weigh in on the biggest benefits GoVideo has over Drift Video.

“We designed GoVideo with simplicity in mind – to make it the easiest way to record, send and track video content. With our free Chrome plugin you can create an unlimited amount of HD quality videos and go beyond simple view counts to get real-time, individual insights delivered to your inbox so you can identify people who are most engaged and prioritize your follow ups appropriately.”

Persaud added, “Furthermore, we’ve invested heavily in our integrations to bring video into the systems our users work in every day, like easily creating automated sequences including video in platforms like Outreach & Salesloft, or responding to support inquiries in Zendesk or HubSpot Service Hub, no copying and pasting required!”

“Ultimately we’re helping our users measure and understand the impact of video across their deal cycles and beyond, to create customizable branded experiences that delight prospects and customers alike, to extend the life of polished video content that’s already been created, and to provide paths to serve up relevant content and next steps to the people who are most engaged with their brand.”

As with any marketing and sales tool, we expect both Drift Video and GoVideo to continue to innovate and evolve, and we look forward to seeing what enhancements are made to both as they continue to push the boundaries of video.



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