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Habits, ChatGPT, and…1-hour tactics?!

Sent: April 20, 2023

Thanks for the feedback on my first “newsletter”! I love hearing from you and getting your take on challenges and topics worth covering.

I hope this serves as your friendly reminder that if you have something worth sharing, share it. More here on getting started.

Here are other messages you might need to hear this week. If not, let me know what’s top of mind for you.

Stop working so hard.

I don’t think it’s just now that marketers are trying to do more with less. Efficiency is always the goal. Wish lists are always longer than time allows. But sometimes we all make things harder than they need to be – through perfection, reviews, and overthinking. Deliver, learn, improve, repeat.

What if you take one hour this week to look at your data, come up with an idea, and then just launch it? Quick wins should be quick. The faster you do, the faster you learn (or fail, which is where some of the best learning happens). Here’s a data-driven lead gen idea I took from start to finish in 42 minutes. Maybe you can try the same exact move so you can get something live, then build on it. Or our team can do it for you.

Point is, sometimes less is more. Faster can be better. Focusing on one key area can have more of an impact than trying to do everything. And if you aren’t using technology to make your life easier, start there.

You don’t need to be an AI expert.

There is so much to keep up on here, don’t get lost in it. Instead, play around with your daily activities and see how tools like ChatGPT can help you get creative and work smarter. I received a request to share thoughts on responsible generative AI use and how to go beyond asking it to write content for you. LOVE this question because I do believe there are many ways to use AI to supplement sales and marketing vs. serving as a replacement. I’m not an AI expert and I’m still forming opinions (#teamhuman and LOL), but I’ve found it helpful to:

  • Look at prompts before chatting with GPT (geared toward marketing | or more advanced)
  • Follow use cases that other marketers are gaining efficiency from
  • Integrate into Google Sheets to quickly build prospecting lists and a starting point for outreach content
  • Supplement keyword research or content ideas (not a replacement)
  • Enhance persona building by asking about common challenges your audience is facing, their job titles, and the channels they frequent
  • Get ideas to advance your own career (here’s a podcast on this)

I’m also excited about the ways HubSpot, Salesloft, and our other partners are incorporating AI to help accelerate tactics that are working. Now if only it could help make life with two toddlers easier…

Be kind to yourself.

If you’re still reading… Natalie Kelly is a constant source of inspiration throughout our virtual SmartAcre office, lately sharing thoughts on how to master the habits that matter most. Good habits can help you with so many things from leadership to productivity to really great RevOps. Just like AI helps us identify patterns and learn from them, YOU have the ability to identify and improve your own patterns. So build on the good stuff! Keep going. You’ve got this. Connect with Natalie on LinkedIn for leadership and team-building ideas.

P.S. If you find this helpful and want to chat more, you can book time on my calendar here.