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Marketo Sky: What B2B Marketers Need to Know

What you need to know about Marketo Sky Beta… In under 2 minutes

Say hello to Marketo Sky, the latest and greatest version of Marketo’s powerhouse marketing automation platform. With an all-new UI and upgraded features, Marketo Sky  is designed with the end user in mind, to help B2B marketers plan, engage, and measure more effectively.

Although Marketo Sky has been in Beta among select Marketo users for a few months, it’s now available to every Marketo customer. All you need to do is have your Marketo Admin activate the experience in your subscription for specific user roles. You’ll then be able to access the new UI from your “My Marketo” page!

As Marketo works on removing bugs and releasing more features on the new platform (you can follow updates through Marketo’s release notes), you can switch between both Marketo Sky and the old system.

As Marketo expands the Sky update across its apps and tools, there are already some significant updates that should get B2B marketers excited, including functionality that long-time Marketo customers will appreciate. These features include:

  • Global search that allows you to find things in your instance no matter which app you are using (so you don’t have to switch back to Design and Files if you’re building a Smart Campaign).
  • Tagging abilities so you can search by tags that your team sets up, and a date range filter that means you can restrict searching to a certain time frame to find a campaign or program. No more trying to open a folder on the side panel only to have 50 items appear from the ghosts of campaigns past!
Marketo Sky Advanced Search
The new search function in Marketo makes it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, in your specified date range.

From the new search tools to an upgraded look, the primary focus for Marketo Sky is on usability, featuring a much sleeker user interface, advanced search features, and saved flows and rules that will massively expedite the time it takes to build Smart Campaigns going forward. Personalized dashboards and widgets allow you to adjust your Marketo experience to how you use the software and to better highlight the areas of the software you most frequently visit.

New Home Page Marketo Sky Beta
Marketo Sky’s new home screen allows users easier access to Programs and Smart Campaigns, and to see recent activity along with upcoming programs.

New features in Marketo Sky

Other new features in Marketo Sky include:

  • Revamped and streamlined UI across all Marketo tools, including design, reporting and collaboration.
  • A new Marketing Activities homepage that has shortcuts to take common actions, like starting new programs and smart campaigns, and has a rundown pertinent info, including programs scheduled to run that day, recently updated assets, and active trigger campaigns.
  • Saved rules and flows in Smart Campaigns; you no longer have to rebuild common steps in your smart campaigns and lists! Save specific rule sets and leverage them across your instance to save time and get your high-impact campaigns up and running more quickly. If you have a set of rules or flow actions that you commonly use (like your exclusion lists, or a lead status assignment), you can simply save that set with its own name, and use it across all of your programs going forward.
  • An updated Design Studio experience, and the ability to set expiration for your assets so that you have a better handle on what your business has out in the world.
  • Global Search and Labels to better help customers sort through the instance, This is particularly great for those long-time Marketo users who have built up quite the library of assets and campaigns from years past.
  • More advanced analytical functionality with increased visibility into specific assets. Demonstrate impact to your leadership with data-forward results and visualization even more efficiently.
Marketo Sky Saved Rules Function
‘Saved Rules’ and ‘Saved Flows’ can help you store common steps in your Smart Lists and Campaign Flows, expediting the build-out of the programs you need to grow demand.

You can find more details on product and feature updates as they’re released in the Marketo Sky Release Notes and access other helpful information on the Marketo Sky Help Center. Marketo Sky may still be in beta, but everyone who is currently a customer should take the time to explore some of the new features.

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