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Two Hubspot Quick Wins for Immediate, Measurable Results

Investing in a marketing automation platform, like HubSpot, increases the pressure to prove the value of your investment quickly. There is no better way to solidify your leadership team’s support for your stellar marketing plan than to deliver tangible results. Sure, adding a marketing automation platform and an inbound methodology to your marketing arsenal pays long-term dividends for SEO, lead generation, and prospect nurturing. But, as marketers, we don’t always have time on our side to deliver outstanding results. This blog outlines two “quick wins” we’ve recently implemented for our clients – which you can also implement in your Hubspot instance for measurable results that prove ROI can be achieved in just a matter of hours.

Quick Win 1

Turn any content offer into a nurture campaign to push prospects through the funnel.
Time Invested: 1 hr 15 min.

Description: We recently demonstrated a quick win for a client in the SaaS sector by expanding an eBook download offer that we were promoting through email and social outreach into a mini nurture campaign using a very basic HubSpot workflow. The logic could not have been simpler:

  • If a customer downloaded Offer A then…
  • Send the customer to Offer B.
  • Watch the lead scores increase!

Results: With a minimal time investment to build the emails, workflow, and landing pages, we drove measurable results to the client in just a few days. The approach was so well received that with each new content offer we publish, we keep asking:
Is this a candidate to start a new nurture campaign?

P.S. This thing is on auto-pilot and will just keep rinsing and repeating to drive new leads. Yay automation!

Immediate KPIs:

  • 41% open rate for the nurture email sent to workflow enrollees
  • 14% CTR
  • 2 Leads converted to Salesforce opportunities
  • 1 previously disqualified lead re-qualified through demonstrable re-engagement

Quick Win 2

Optimize your forms to ask the right questions, even if your marketing is already in flight.
Time Invested: 2 hours

Description: It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how often your forms aren’t asking leads the right questions.

  • Name? Got it.
  • Email? Got it.
  • What persona do you identify with? Wait, I can ask that?
  • What source, campaign, and medium did I spend money on to acquire you? Hold on…..

That’s right, you can and should ask all of these, and that’s exactly what we did for a client who has a database full of prospects that aren’t well segmented into specific personas. By reviewing and adding fields to each of the client’s forms, we have enabled them to more precisely match leads to offers, enroll them into workflows, and review program performance.

Bonus tip! Did you know that Hubspot allows you to capture values from your URL query strings and add them to a lead record if you just set up hidden fields on your forms to capture UTM parameters? It’s kind of a big deal because it lets you quickly populate ROI and lead attribution reporting.

Results: The quick win here was that a client, who likes to produce lots of content, now has the ability to be more targeted when personalizing messages because:

  • Lead segmentation is now enabled and the burden of assigning leads to personas has been automated, avoiding hours of data mining.
  • Lead attribution, which used to be managed through smart rules and complex Salesforce campaign mapping, is eliminated, which saves our client up to 2 hours per campaign from this day forward.

These quick wins don’t only have to happen when you are first launching your marketing programs, they can occur at any time! By setting benchmarks and understanding how to utilize each tool to its fullest potential, your arsenal of quick wins will continue to grow. Ready to get started? Begin by using the HubSpot Scorecard to see where your gaps are, and contact us if you want specific recommendations.

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