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As part of an account team, Brian accelerates clients' marketing initiatives by executing all marketing tactics including paid search, marketing automation, social advertising, content marketing, public relations, and more. Brian is a certified Inbound Marketer and has built a career helping B2B and B2C clients grow their businesses. Brian brings marketing, content creation, commerce experience as well as a great focus on customer success from the roles he's held at GSI Commerce, eFashion Solutions and The Jay Group.

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to the GDPR
February 23rd, 2018 - Posted by: in Content , Marketing automation

B2B marketers must get up to speed on the EU GDPR, which goes into effect May 25, 2018. This regulation adds requirements for marketers regarding the collection, storage, and administration of personal data for EU residents.


How to Make Your Marketing Data Actionable
December 19th, 2017 - Posted by: in Content

Developing data storytelling skills isn’t easy, but it is a necessary component and best practice if you are looking to get executive support for new marketing initiatives. Here are the four elements I rely on for success.


#SmartHack Tip of the Week – Rinse and Repeat Your Content
November 21st, 2017 - Posted by: in SmartHack

It is unnecessary to "re-create the wheel" every time you want to publish content. Consider "rinsing and repeating", instead.


#SmartHack Tip of the Week – Efficiency Hacks
October 13th, 2017 - Posted by: in SmartHack

Looking to be more efficient in working through your daily to-do list? Here are our top 3 tips to stay focused on your tasks.


#SmartHack Tip of the Week – Beginning with the End in Mind
August 11th, 2017 - Posted by: in SmartHack

Begin with the end in mind. Before you start any campaign, note who you're trying to talk to.


Two Hubspot Quick Wins for Immediate, Measurable Results
July 19th, 2017 - Posted by: in Marketing automation

This blog outlines two “quick wins” we’ve recently implemented for our clients - which you can also implement in your Hubspot instance for measurable results that prove ROI can be achieved in just a matter of hours.


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