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5 User Experience (UX) Tips to Improve Demand Gen

Why user experience design should be part of your marketing strategy.

It’s easy to focus solely on marketing tactics when planning demand generation campaigns, but without proper and engaging UX, you may lose potential customers, conversions, and leads. Having great marketing doesn’t matter if the product/solution/service you offer is inaccessible to users.


What is User Experience (UX)?

UX is how people interact with a product, service, or brand. It is the strategies, technique, and tools that make a service, product, or company focused on the end user.

The factors that influence UX are:

  • The usefulness of the content and the usability of that content.
  • The easier and more straightforward the content is presented, the better the conversion process will be.
  • The content also needs to be desirable, with appropriate imagery that follows suit with the identity and the brand.
  • There should be easy access to the content throughout the site or landing page.
  • It needs to be credible so the user feels trustworthy on what you are presenting to them.


How can UX help with your marketing?

An effective lead and demand gen strategy requires a strong user experience, not only to reach a target market, but also to boost customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.


Redsson website before and after ux consideration


Inaccessible, cluttered, or confusing presentation and delivery can sabotage even the best digital marketing ideas. At SmartAcre, we can help you with this—whether you optimize content for mobile users, streamline calls to action, perform search engine optimization (SEO), or prioritize relevant information, a good user experience can both enhance the effectiveness of a marketing message and ensure it reaches the right people. 


5 Tips to improve Your Marketing with User Experience


1. Improve Your Landing Page Designs

Did you know that 79% of users will leave and search another site when they land on a page that doesn’t meet their expectations? This is why a visual and structured landing page is crucial for holding attention.

You want to make it as easy as possible for the user to find the information they are looking for without any hassle. SmartAcre’s best practices include simplified navigation, a tried and true form layout that improves conversion rates, and direct and impactful visuals.

Need an upper hand with your next landing page and looking for increased conversions? Let SmartAcre navigate you through our process and help facilitate your campaign.


landing pages created with the expertise of SmartAcre


2. UX Impacts SEO

The greatest benefit of user experience to SEO is the increase in organic sharing and distribution it inspires. It is better to have fewer pages with better UX rather than many thin pages with poor UX.

Google can understand page layout, so having a valuable link placed poorly on a page can negatively affect your ranking. In addition, code that is not properly exposed (such as JavaScript and CSS) can be detrimental to rankings.

Let SmartAcre’s dedicated development team help with any coding issues as well as our invaluable marketing teams provide enhanced SEO and UX best practices to your existing and new content.


3. Provide Engaging Content

Good website UX begins with engaging content. Visitors today are looking for more than just a purchase; they are looking for an experience. A compelling content strategy is the key to achieving this. The goal of an effective content strategy is to tell the story of a brand in order to establish a connection between a company and its customers.

If you choose the right strategy, content can take any form, such as a blog post, video blog, or a landing page. It is easier for potential clients to identify a brand when they are provided with content establishing the brand.

We can help establish and maintain high-quality content for you and your team.


4. Make Mobile a Priority

Mobile has become the top category in web traffic. The total number of web traffic from mobile users have passed the threshold and reached 53%. This means that the majority of your users may be coming from a mobile device, and you better be ready with a mobile-friendly site.

If you want to increase conversions or protect your brand, it is crucial that you optimize your landing page for mobile users. For a high ranking in mobile SEO, a mobile-optimized site is crucial.

With SmartAcre, mobile is at the core of all our projects, which means we can help you optimize your site and landing pages to be mobile-friendly, as well as other screen sizes that may go overlooked.


mobile screens of websites designed by SmartAcre


5. Get More User Insights by Testing

User testing and research are key components of UX. It is by understanding customers, their expectations, and the problems they hope to solve that digital marketers are able to better understand their target audience and, in turn, facilitate more targeted, effective campaigns.


Using UX within your marketing strategies

UX is no longer an option, but rather an opportunity to help your business grow and attract new customers. The failure to adapt and improve your user experience will lead potential customers to switch to another brand that matches their expectations.

It is important to combine marketing with UX in order to drive more conversions and leads. It is important to repeat – If your product is unavailable to customers, having great marketing won’t matter.