3 Best Practices For Launching Google AdWords Campaigns

September 21st, 2017 - Posted by: in Online visibility

We all know that there is no better place to reach people than through search engine marketing. However, in a world where Google is always at our fingertips, how do you ensure that your brand stands out? How can you drive high quality conversions on a limited budget?

Have no fear, with these 3 best practices you will start to see high quality leads roll in quickly.

1. Group Together Closely Related Keywords

With so many advertisers and so many searches on high volume keywords, it can feel like a daunting task to rank above competitors. One way to improve your ranking is to ensure that your ads have a high quality score. The quality score of your ads is determined by how relevant they are to the search query they appear on, and the likeliness of your landing page to get your desired results. You can focus your ad copy and landing page copy by making sure your keywords are similar and specific. This will help you break through the noise and outrank the competition.

2. Make Sure Your AdWords & Google Analytics Instances Are Linked

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There is no better audience to engage with than one who is already familiar with your brand and offering. By linking your AdWords and Google Analytics instances, you can easily create custom audiences to serve remarketing campaigns to. Try building an audience of visitors who download a content offer, and use the display network to show them a higher value piece of content such as a webinar.

3. Consistently Use Negative Keywords

Nothing will frustrate even the most seasoned advertiser more than losing money on junk traffic from unrelated search queries. Not only does it become a budget drain, but appearing in bad searches can prevent your ad from appearing in queries that use higher quality keywords. By evaluating which searches are triggering your ads and driving traffic to your landing page, you should be able to quickly identify negative keywords that will filter out junk traffic.

Standing out from other advertisers on Google AdWords can be difficult. However, by using these 3 best practices, your campaigns will begin to generate higher levels of success.

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