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B2B Design Inspiration: Q1 2024 SmartAcre Design Examples


From HubSpot CMS Innovations to Dynamic Video Productions: A Comprehensive Overview

We have a lot of B2B design inspiration to share from SmartAcre Creative from the first quarter of the year. From helping clients drive lead generation with fully customizable HubSpot CMS, to increasing organic demand generation. We provided strategic advances for our clients evolving around a variety of different avenues including social and paid ad campaign creations, email templates, infographics, print & eBooks, easy to understand calculators, website enhancements, and video editing.

SmartAcre's creative page overview


We rolled out two website redesigns to start the year. The first being a fully customizable modular design utilizing HubSpot’s drag-and-drop functionality. We incorporated both the default modules as well as custom modules to provide an efficient and quick outcome. You can read more about our process and how we help provide results by checking out our case study.

celerium website redesign

Our second site was a refresh using our custom SmartAcre theme in WordPress to provide our client with a modern look, but also making sure the backend was as easy to update as possible. The video and photography of this site was done by our SmartAcre Creative team.

alcom printing website design

We worked on some landing page content for a few of our clients, one being a pillar page, which has an elegant navigation for easy organization with the goal of contributing to the organic pipeline for demand generation. You can read our case study to learn all the steps taken and assets created to ensure a successful campaign.

landing page design

To round off the website portion, we created digital assets for a client to help elevate their brand with a clean and reusable landing page as well as a nicely designed HubSpot Pop Up CTA with a form for clear next steps.

Landing Page popup design


We launched an amazing sizing calculator for our manufacturing client that needed an elegant solution for what they had previously, which was a very long form on a single page. Our approach broke out the steps into bite-size pieces so you don’t feel overwhelmed (similarly when you need to do taxes and go on TurboTax, it’s a lot but it is broken down to digest easily). We also incorporated chatbot functionality to help users along their journey.

eic solutions sizing calculator design


We worked on many ad campaigns in the first quarter, and have a lot of eye-catching and conversion-leading designs. From a simple campaign with just photography and text, to more specific details and illustrations such as charts, graphs, and mockups, as well as templates ready to be re-used by your marketing team, we made sure we had solutions for all sorts of needs, and these examples showcase some of our favorites.
graphic ad designs


Next up we have emails, and let’s face it – emails are not going anywhere and what we do at SmartAcre is make sure you are always set up for success. We utilize our Partner HubSpot to create drag-and-drop templates as a starting point for your email marketing efforts. We do this to expedite the process. This template has a lot of different sections that can be easily removed if not needed and can be converted into a simple email if warranted. We also provide graphics for these email templates that we set up such as this animated banner.

email designs


Providing long-form content in different mediums can always be a great play for marketing success. We provide our clients with these eBooks to help elevate their brand in a visual stance as well as to provide a downloadable asset that can be useful for their marketing efforts. These examples showcase either a blank slate starting from scratch, or taking an existing asset and revamping it to align more to their current brand.
ebook designs


Sometimes a lot of words on a landing page is not the play, and having an asset that visually showcases an action or a statement is the best way to go. This infographic was a visual way of displaying a checklist. It gives a sense of familiarity to the brand but also gives actionable items to building an employee engagement strategy. This was just one piece of a larger campaign. You can read more about the entire campaign strategy in our case study.

infographic designs


Lastly, but certainly not least, are the videos that we produced this quarter. Video examples include full animation, to editing videos that were recorded at a home office with SmartAcre guidance, and a video that was shot and edited by our team.

TrackD demo video was reconstructed to provide the highest quality possible and showcase the animations of all elements throughout the video. This was also edited using 100% AI VoiceOver.

The Compass Point Pillar videos were a series of videos where the client would record themselves in the comfort of their own offices with the guidance of our team to ensure the best quality possible. Then we would edit the videos in a similar style to bring cohesion to the entire series.

The last video is part of the calculator mentioned earlier, where our team shot the footage, edited and provided final results to ensure a seamless feel between the calculator landing page and the video.


We continue to grow our creative page to provide the most up-to-date resources and examples. Make sure to check out all the latest assets our team has put together and utilize SmartAcre as the cornerstone of your B2B marketing asset ideation, design, and development.



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