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February Digital Marketing Think & Sync Recap

Digital marketing tips on Instagram integrations, productive meetings and more

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

digital marketing think & sync
Digital Marketing Think & Sync With The SmartAcre Team

Each month, a few members of the SmartAcre® team volunteer to present ideas on topics they find interesting. These presentations, or what we like to call Marketing Think & Syncs, are a great way for our digital agency to get together and connect over new ideas.

Often times, these presentations revolve around our digital marketing services and lead gen tactics, but don’t always have to be industry related. These discussions can range from topics on effectively using in-house project management software (thrilling, I know), to a hip-hop presentation on SEO, or even a brief lesson in yoga to promote overall well-being.

There are no rules but there is a purpose. Think & Syncs help our team learn something different that might be outside our area of expertise. This impromptu meeting of the minds lets us geek out over our new findings and shared interests while enjoying pizza and beer. Sadly, we can’t share the pizza and beer with you through the web — at least not yet — but we can share our thoughts with you.

Please enjoy this month’s Think & Sync recap featuring Jon and Mike.

Instagram Cracks Down on Third-party Integration

Jon, our in-house web developer, focused his topic on Instagram’s recent changes to it’s API policy, in an effort to stop the theft of content by dishonest third-party sites. Instagram is justifying these changes by saying this will give more control to the community and developers. This change in policy is primarily a response to a recent security breach that compromised many users’ information.

Although the purpose of these new policies is to help Instagram block spammers and theft of  content, they might also cause some problems for the developer community.

The reason this topic came up in our Think & Sync is because our team recently experienced issues with the integration of our Instagram account with our website. We would not have known about these changes had we not been actively monitoring our site. Despite contacting Instagram,  we were still denied access to the API.

If you are using an Instagram integration, we encourage you to keep an eye out for possible issues.

Run More Effective Meetings

think & sync client communication
Mike speaking about how to make meetings more efficient

Mike, the president of SmartAcre, had a presentation inspired by an EOS’s video on how to increase the efficiency of your weekly meetings. Many of our best conversations use outside resources, like this video, as a jumping-off point to facilitate deeper discussions.

Do you ever feel that you spend all day on calls or in meetings, and when it’s finally time to get down and dirty to finishing tasks, half the day is already wasted? We hate when this happens, and it’s a fairly easy thing to avoid if you make the effort to better organize conversations in a more constructive way.

As an agency, we find that we are able to better serve our clients when we spend less time talking about what we are going to do for them, and more time actually getting things done. It’s important to have clear communication with a client by understanding their needs and setting expectations for a project. In one instance, we worked with our client, Cloud Elements, to migrate all of their blog content to HubSpot in order to give them more ways to engage and nurture their contacts. Time was one of the main challenges for this project, and in order to launch the new blog without slowing Cloud Element’s current marketing efforts, we had to make client communication focused and efficient. To learn more about this specific project, read our case study on Cloud Elements.

Whether it’s an internal meeting or a discussion with a client, organization is key, and can help establish priorities and actions in a more efficient manner; allowing all parties to leave with a better understanding of what needs to be done next.

To learn more on how you can make your meetings more efficient, check out the EOS video “Is Your Weekly Level 10 Meeting Pure?”

Thank you for joining us for this month’s Think & Sync recap. We will be posting these recaps monthly, shortly after our meetings. If you enjoyed this post, and want to hear more from us, Subscribe to Our Blog!