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5 B2B Video Tactics You Should Implement in 2020

It should be no surprise when we say that 2019’s top marketing trend is video. Close your eyes and think about your morning and think of all the ways you’ve been hit with video. Social media feeds with organic and video ads. While checking your work email and you find invites for upcoming webinars. The gym’s cardio machines have TVs attached to them promoting traditional commercials.

Although 2019 is nearing its end, video isn’t going anywhere and will only continue to grow. If you haven’t given video a chance this year, we urge you to try the following tactics sooner rather than later.

5 B2B Video Tactics to Implement

1. Create a Social Video

Video is no longer exclusive to YouTube, and has blasted its way into the feeds of other prominent social platforms. Facebook reported that people gaze 5x longer at video content compared to static. Today, creating video content for social is as easy as hitting record on your smartphone and uploading instantly with the click of a button.

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Not sure where to begin? There isn’t a wrong way to use video! Try promoting a new eBook, an event, or just ask a thought-provoking question. When recording for social, make sure to:

– Be yourself!
– Don’t read from a script
– Face towards your main light source
– Stay consistent, keep posting and you’ll end up with plenty of content to share and improve engagement.

2. Add Video to a Landing Page

Let’s say you just found a platform that could help your business and you want to learn more. You have two options: schedule a demo with a sales rep sometime that week or instantly watch a short demo video on the website. Don’t deny it, you’d definitely pick the latter. Adopting video across your website is a quick win to drive traffic to the site, improve time-on-site metrics, and boost conversion rates.


A demo is just one type of video you can add to your site. Explainer and thought leadership videos are great additions to blogs or customer success stories, while case studies are an excellent addition to showcase your work.

3. Personalize the Sales Process

According to a 2018 SalesLoft research report, one-to-one videos increase email response rates by 26% on average. Using video in your email cadences helps you stand out from the other countless emails in your inbox and gets your message heard, and better yet…answered!


With Vidyard’s GoVideo, it’s easier than ever to send videos via email and track whether or not your prospects heard your message. GoVideo integrates with HubSpot, Gmail, SalesLoft, and more to make adding video into your sales process effortless. Open the Chrome extension, film your short (less than a minute), personalized message, add it to an email and send it!

4. Support Customers Via Video Libraries

Customer portals are great, but sometimes the content is stale and isn’t as helpful as you want. Consider videoifying your customer portal by filming quick screen shares via GoVideo that you can embed on the portal site to help the customer during times of need and reduce calls into your customer support team.

Repurpose the videos you’ve recorded on social or via support chat sessions. Make sure you get your entire team involved in the video creation process. Just as written content can get stale, seeing the same person on the screen all the time can become monotone as well.

5. Produce a Company Video Series

Looking to make some video-related goals for 2020? Consider using video to help others by providing small episodic video series on different topics. Think Chalk Talks, Coffee with a CMO or Unlikely Business Lessons. These videos work as great brand awareness and thought leadership videos.

These video series require a little bit more investment into your video strategy than just a smartphone. While you can still produce these series in-house, you will want to dedicate a budget for a camera, lighting, and sound equipment to name a few things. Also, make sure someone on staff has the capability to edit the footage. While most people will choose to watch a video rather than read a blog, all people will say they’d prefer to watch a high-quality video.


There you have it, those are our video recommendations for Q4 and looking ahead to 2020. Are you scratching your head and not sure where to begin? SmartAcre® is a proud partner with Vidyard. Let us help you with Vidyard implementation or B2B video strategies.