Pinterest is Changing E-Commerce with the Buy Button

August 13th, 2015 - Posted by: in Content

Social scrapbooking on Pinterest is a common practice for anyone looking for new ideas, a DIY craft, or maybe some inspiration on virtually any topic. However, this platform is relatively limited since once a Pinterest board is created, there is not much you can do with it. Besides adding to your board, the products and ideas you have searched for and pinned just sit there. With the introduction of the Buy Button, users can purchase their pins directly from Pinterest’s site.

Pinterest Debuts Buy Buttons

pinterest buy button

Image from Pinterest

In order to add value to your search process, Pinterest has released the Buy Buttons on many pins across their site. A blue button on each pin denotes that the item can be bought through the website. Additionally, a price filter has been created in order to search for only buyable pins within certain price ranges, which is convenient for those looking to online shop through multiple brands and companies. The simplicity and convenience of this application will revolutionize not only a user’s experience on Pinterest, but also e-commerce as a whole. Both Pinterest and e-commerce business could see a huge increase in traffic and revenue from this update, as online shopping will radically change.

Use Apple Pay with Pinterest


Image from Pinterest

Another layer of convenience has been added through a partnership with Apple. Pinterest plans to support Apple Pay, which serves as a digital wallet for Apple users. Pinterest believes that “the fewer people that have access to your credit card information, the better.”

When you pay with Apply Pay, Pinterest is given a specific account number instead of the actual credit card number. This both expedites the check out process and keeps customers information secure. Users are now able to save items for later, and then buy with one click when they are ready.


Put the Blue Buttons to Work


Image from Pinterest

Currently, Pinterest is only working with a few retailers. In order to assure shoppers are being presented with only high quality and functional pins, access to these buttons by businesses is limited.

If your e-commerce site uses Shopify, you can add the Pinterest channel within you account, and follow the progression to enable the buttons on your products. If you use Demandware to power your store, get Buy Buttons by contacting your customer success manager.

If you are not using either of these platforms, Pinterest has created a wait list in order to expand their integration opportunities. Add your store and they will let know as soon as you can get them!

The debut of these buttons has created a greatly-anticipated link between online shopping and social networking. It will drastically improve convenience for buyers, and could create an entire new wave of business for online retailers.

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