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When is it time for a website redesign?

It is always a good time to refresh and update the content of your website, but if it has been more than three years or if your website no longer speaks to your brand identity, it is probably time for a full website redesign. Here are six fast signs that you should start to consider or budget for a website redesign or migration.

1. Outdated website design

If you read the words on your homepage or about page to your team, do they know you are talking about your business? If your website doesn’t reflect your brand, values, products, services, or solutions, it is time to modernize. Otherwise, you risk telling your target customers that you aren’t a modern business.

2. Unusable back end

If you cannot edit the words or modules on your homepage as a marketer, you might need to consider a website migration. Even if keeping your design exactly the same, a migration typically entails moving your website from one platform or domain to another, almost always accompanied by structural changes or improvements. However, don’t assume that a website migration or rebuild will be faster or easier than a full website redesign. Often there is a lot of value and efficiency in combining a redesign and migration into one project.

3. Poor user experience

It is important to understand the critical B2B website KPIs to measure. Noticing high bounce rates and low engagement metrics within your website analytics platforms? There’s your proof that it is time to make improvements.

4. Slow load time

You are creating friction if your website looks awesome, but it loads slower than your visitor who is trying to digest it. You can easily test your web speed and grade your website performance to determine if your site may be at risk. Did you know this will also reduce your potential for ranking on SERPs?

5. No-responsive or accessible design

Both your visitors and Google will penalize you for a lack of responsive and accessible design. In 2023, SEMRush reported that unique visits on mobile devices accounted for 233% more than those on desktop. In short – you can’t wait any longer to have a mobile-friendly website as you’ve already fallen behind the times. And legally, your putting your business at financial risk by not accounting for accessibility in your website design.

6. Lack of organic traffic or leads

Your website is at the heart of your sales and marketing strategy. Your B2B website should be generating leads for you. If it isn’t, start to uncover website enhancement ideas so you can incorporate lead generation website design into your roadmap.



If these six indicators are not enough to convince your boss, it is time to dig into the data.

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